Wednesday, 30 June 2010

End of Month View - June 2010

Summer really is racing by… Hot, steamy days in the UK at the moment… It seems to have lasted for weeks. We had our first rain in what must be at least 14 days on Monday night.

Left border near the house:

Still soil showing, but some of that is a path through the plants so I can get in to weed, and get to the fence to train the clematis and Jasmine.

Grass flowers…

Right border by the house:

The monster Campanula… I think it plans to take over the world.

I am looking forward to this yarrow flowering at last.

Black elder in flower… This shrub still isn't doing anything. I bought it knowing it would grow huge amounts in one season - as you expect from Elder. But no. I might give it one last chance to do something next year.

Blackcurrants…. Mmmm


Wild poppy.

Sea Holly.

New border:

Some of the Californian Poppies are opening, and the larger Poppies are looking very much like they will flower soon.

The Tier:

Pea Pod!

Peas, Tomatoes and Carrots.

And the Front garden:

Some plants from down the side of the house:

The roses around the garden seem to be having an exceptional year - perhaps it's because I've actually been trimming them as they should, who knows…

This yellow rose starts out this canary yellow…

And becomes pink flushed as the flower ages.

A pot which originally housed Passionflower, this Campanula self seeded itself here and the Passionflower was killed off by the harsh winter…

It looks quite pretty… Just needs tidying and the Passionflower removed.


Su Harris said...

Lovely pictures of a beautiful garden. Be careful of that campanula though, my mother gave me some of that one and it smothered everything in its path and was a beast to weed out. Needless to say I didn't move any of it to my new garden!


Curbstone Valley Farm said...

I didn't expect to see the California poppy! I had no idea anyone grew those in England, I don't remember seeing them when I lived there. I have blackcurrant envy. I never see those here. I so miss them. Such wonderful little fruits. Your Columbine is beautiful, and that Campanula...I agree, world domination is definitely part of its agenda, but it's just lovely!

patientgardener said...

Thanks for joining in the end of month meme.
My Black Elder has been in for 3 years and its only this year that there is any real marked growth, so be patient!

VW said...

Wow, look at that pretty garden. Are those pictures of 'White Meidilland' rose? I have one and it's about ready to bloom. My sister is bugging me to post some wider views from my garden, but it's going to take some creativity to make the small plants look pretty from farther away.

Cyndy said...

The end of this month is so nice in your garden - that campanula can take over my world anytime - agree with Helen to give the elder a bit more time, threatening also works!

Meredehuit ♥ said...

Lovely post, beatutiful pics. My first time here, but it won't be my last. I enjoyed the visit.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Things look great your way! I love your foxgloves and all the others, too.

Liz said...

Hi Su,

Thanks for the warning on the Campanula… lol, wish I’d known before! Hopefully it’ll be ok, but it does definitely need moving elsewhere, or I just need to move the Veronica which is trying to peek round it.

Liz said...

Hi CV,

I guess the Californian Poppies must be fairly new? I’ve grown them for a number of years now, and continue to do so because the Hoverflies love them!
I just need to get some of the pink versions rather than the orange/yellow/reds…

The Campanula, although attempting world domination is very attractive to the Bees and I know it will flower for a good long while yet. It’s a tough decision, but I would much rather keep it or at least get a trailing type – the type I originally wanted!

Hi Helen,

Thanks for the tip on the Elder… I’ll persevere with it, it’s very odd though that it should be so difficult when Elder grows everywhere! :) I don’t know whether to try trimming it to force it to grow from the bottom or not…

Liz said...

Hi VW,

Unfortunately I’ve no idea what any of the roses are other than the two I’ve planted in my back garden. These Roses were all here when we moved in and I haven’t yet removed any because I haven’t really done much work in the front and I’ve left it largely untouched.

The Roses do annoy me to an extent because they all seem to be unscented, or at least have a very pathetic scent, which to me seems pointless growing them. But since most of them this year are producing wonderful flowers they may survive a little longer!

I know exactly how you feel about making the smaller plants look larger, I have that same problem. Or rather in some areas there aren’t any plants at all… I am seriously neglecting the shady areas of the garden – I’m yet to discover good shade loving plants other than Ferns.

Liz said...

Hi Cyndy,

Thanks! I’ll go out and threaten the Elder tonight hee hee, whenever my mother sees them around she always comments on how wonderful they are… I just wish mine was nice and large too!

Liz said...

Hi Meredehuit,

Thank you very much for visiting, I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

Liz said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks, I do have a slight obsession with Foxgloves, although I do not have so many at the moment, I am sure in the next few years I will have many more

ShySongbird said...

So much beauty Liz! All your hard work has rewarded you well.

My Yarrow has beaten yours and has been flowering for a few days now :)

I'm not much good with roses and don't grow them any more but I do love to see them and your yellow one is gorgeous.

Beautiful photos of your lovely garden!

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz.....your garden abounds with blooms. So many lovely flowers.
The white rose is beautiful, I do so love a white rose. Is it fragrant??

Yarrow is lovely.....I have found a small plant in my garden, obviously one my yarrow loving rabbit didn't find!! ha

Campanula can be aggressive but I must confess I like it. I suppose if it starts to impede the growth of other plants, then it becomes a nuisance.

Blackcurrants, yum, one of my favourite fruits, can't get enough of them...

Have a fun weekend.....

Kala said...

So many lovely images. I especially like the photo of the black currants. June went by so quickly!

Liz said...

Hi Jan,

Awwwww, my Yarrow is just teasing me. It looks like it’s going to flower but just doesn’t seem to. Perhaps it wants more water?? What colour is your Yarrow, I think I need to see some photographs of it!

To be honest I don’t do much with the roses, I don’t believe in all these rules and whatever, so I just trim them (not following rules, because I don’t know what the rules are anyway!) and leave them to do their thing. As long as they aren’t straggly then I’m relatively happy. To be honest I am likely to get rid of the yellow one because it’s in a poor position, at the moment it’s starving my Bird’s foot trefoil, Scabious and Shasta Daisy of light and since all are insect magnets, they come before the Rose.

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, hopefully next time I will be able to show photos of the Poppies finally in bloom in the new border!!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

There are two white roses, one is a Hybrid Tea Rose and the other a shrubby type thing. I don’t think either are fragrant no – which is why I want rid, but then they go and produce these wonderful blooms and I decide against it again ha ha.

It’s a shame the Rabbits love your Yarrow, but at least one has survived. Fox has recently had a go at digging in the garden… Time to get the jeyes fluid out again to put him off. He dug at my veggie bed and damaged some of the carrots and also dug at the large pot I have by the front door.

I think with this campanula, it’s a case of me planting too closely. I didn’t know how large it would get… You know.. Right plant, right place and all that. I’ll leave it where it is as I want it growing down the wall, and move the Veronica instead.

I hope you have a nice weekend too, with plenty of rain (only during the night, obviously!)

Anna said...

Enjoyed your end of month view Liz and what a lovely month June has been this year :)

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Lovely images Liz - so many beautiful things in your garden.

Your primula Vialii caught my eye - it's lovely.

debsgarden said...

Your borders are so beautiful! You have many more blooms now than I do. Many of my flowers have given up for the summer, and the weeds want to take over! But yours are gorgeous! I love your yellow rose.