Monday, 26 October 2009

Where did October go?

It's been rather warm recently up here, there's been little need for the heating to be turned on - as in, I haven't had it on!

I've also noticed far too many Ladybirds, and it would seem I'm not the only one as a colleague at work apparently had a swarm of them on one of her walls over the weekend…

The bulbs have been planted… Well the ones I intended on planting have been, I now have a load left over that I had been waiting for my mum to decide on which she wanted. So that's another 100-150 to plant! Argh. I may have to give some away to colleagues, I just can't see myself planting them all… But they're Alliums and Crocus, I can't give them away as I love them too much!

I think I know what I'll be doing this weekend… (as well as sowing some seeds kindly donated by Cheryl :) )

What are everyone's thoughts on the Christmas tv adverts?

The Argos one… It's driving me insane…


I wonder how much longer I can hold out for? I usually aim to only listen to songs once we're into December…

Some of many Ladybirds hanging around this weekend…

And the 'almost' fantastic shot! If only I'd been a split second faster…

The sweet peas are loving the recent wet weather…

And even the Raspberry has new flowers!

Hoverflies, Bees and Flies are out in force taking in the October sun

Pretty Cyclamen brighten up otherwise dark areas.

The Cosmos took quite a beating in the rain and wind of Saturday morning, but there are many buds still to come.

I even discovered we have a white one!

The large cherry next door looks wonderful and overnight the wind blew off almost all the leaves! Phil bagged them up for me for leaf mulch… Again, so kind :)

The Aster's days are numbered…

My rose shrub, "roseraie de l'hay" is losing its leaves (not only to Autumn, it would seem!)

And something has had a nibble at the Pyracantha berries.

The American Wistera has lost most of its leaves... I can't wait for its flowers next year...

Aubrieta has grown a lot since I planted them as babies…

As too have the Foxgloves. Both have crept up on me, I didn't realise they'd grown so much.

Cotoneaster berries ready for harsher weather.

And the baby Maple is looking lovely… Just imagine once it's larger…

Coreopsis is cheerful as always.

And... Just how long is this Strawberry going to produce fruit for???

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ladybird... But which type?

This little Lady was out and about, I can't decide whether it's an eyed ladybird, Harlequin or hybrid of our British native Eyed ladybird and a Harlequin...

Silver Y Moth

I found this moth a few weeks ago… It actually took me a while to realise it was there!

Certainly an impressive moth when you get close to it!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Along with the Cosmos, the Aster's a stealing the show at the moment... I hope to have more for next year so I have more of a range as well as a longer flowering period.

I don't know which type it is...

My neighbour's son kindly gave me some...

I only asked him for the seeds,

... instead he dug out two large clumps for me!

I'm very grateful for his kindness

ofcourse as payment I gave him (Phil) and Dorothy home-grown tomatoes and beans!

Their colour brightens even the dullest Autumn day (like today for example)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sunday Safari 18.10.09

Things are still trudging along… I don’t imagine they will be with us for much longer…

Crocosmia dying away

The seed heads are also beautiful

Today I attempted to plant some of the bulbs… Still having difficulty… My mum is as bad as me and won’t tell me exactly which and how many she wants…

Some Cornflowers are still with us

So I’ve planted some of the Crocus, Snowdrops and my Allium ‘purple sensation’ in the back garden.

All a good plan, was it not?

Until when digging a hole in the border on the side of the house I hear a tinkling noise… continue to dig… look up to see this cat watching me… I watch it and realise it’s a kitten/youngster. One I had seen last weekend poking its nose under the fence.

So I spend the next hour being ‘mauled’ by a kitten and getting very little planting done!

It was cute though, and I assume some sort of crossbreed as it had a very short fat tail and big chunky paws – very unlike your normal tabby.

Not too sure I’ll welcome it when it’s older though if it takes a liking to ‘my’ birds!

My hand now has swollen scratches all over it… Allergies :(

Garden spiders are everywhere…

Pyracantha berries are ripe… Now I just need some Waxwings on them…

Aquilegia leaves add wonderful colours

Wild poppes are still flowering… Very strange.

Plenty of Scabious in flower still.

Coneflower dying off… I will collect the seeds once they’re dry…

I'm off until Thursday now, and will plant the rest of the bulbs in the front tomorrow. Then I'll make the decision for my mum what she will/won't have! ha ha, I can't sit around waiting for her any longer.

What's happening in your garden today?