Sunday, 9 March 2008

Live for the Weekend

So, I trust everyone has had a lovely weekend...

They really do pass by far too quickly at the moment - am I really beginning to 'get old'???! It's funny how working really does make you live for the weekend, because you spend so long wishing you weren't at work that the weekends are just so special.
Anyway, I've not really done much except for plan to pack but never get round to doing much! I know over the next week we really do need to get moving on it, the stress levels are beginning to rise to ensure we sign and complete for the week after Easter, baaaaaaah.
My brother calls me mental, but I think there are some things in life you're allowed to stress over and with buying a house/moving supposedly being the most stressful things in life I think I can be forgiven for getting paranoid over the sellers pulling out, things not being done, something going wrong/not being there blah blah.
Well, Sunday I went for a walk into the park with Pete... It turned out to be a marathon 2 hour walk including going to pets at home and somerfield...
Anyway I have another species to add to my list and I can officially join the GSW group! [:
Still need to see the Treecreepers, LLT (I see them flitting about but they are ALWAYS too far away!!!) and the Goldcrest. I 'have' to see these over the next 2/3 weeks before I move otherwise I'll be rather upset at never seeing any in the last year even though I know they're in the area.
There's still a rather large group of Redwings hanging around which was a surprise plus all the other usuals and my favourite of all - the Nuthatch.
I will still have Meersbrook close-ish when we move but there is another rather large park closer - will have to ask David Gains where else he goes when he walks around his 'local patch' I've already seen tits and such in the garden we're buying and hope to attract many more by having hawthorn hedges and allowing bramble and such to grow at the back, not to mention the plum, cherry, apple and cotoneaster trees I'll have!
Time for some photos of summer to give us a nice warm feeling [:

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Just trying to find my way around...

Oooh, this seems rather farty so far, or is that just slow and so it's annoying me??

Anway, the purpose of this is to record some of my life, mainly the plant and wildlife side of it. I should be moving in the next few weeks to a month, so it would be nice to record how the new house - or garden changes over time as I get to grips with owning my own house and having two good sized gardens to deal with. I already have things planned and I'm getting a little worried that there might not be enough space once I have all the plants/trees that I want... Hmmm

Hmmm let's start off with one image...

Now, I have a couple of accounts on Deviantart, one for the more 'commercial' images and one for the more experimental images.
Why do I have two?

Well I found that with my first, and original account if I tried to do anything even remotely experimental or interesting I'd get no response from my watchers and at the same time, those interesting or experimental artists that I watched, and learned from took no interest in my work because of the commercial stuff. So in the end I've had to separate the areas and seriously, the different ways I'm treated by the same people because they don't realise both accounts are me, is evidence enough of people's prejudices.