Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday Safari

It’s been a very strange past few months, Spring arrived very early yet we still have some plants that seem to have disappeared… Namely the white Crocus ‘Miss Vain’, I have had quite a few around in the back garden and in pots around the decking but I haven’t had any flower along the side of the house or in the front garden. Tommasinianus flowered over a month ago, so I am at a loss why I’ve lost all of miss vain. Does she only flower for one year? I guess I’ll find out next year if those that flowered this year return…
Very disappointed though.
Then there’s also the huge pot I have by the front door, usually there’s a sea of iris in there, followed by lots of Tulips and Daffodils, again nothing so far. I think there are a couple of Tulips coming up but it’s a massive let down.

Anyway, I imagine when I get back next week things will look very different in the garden. I ought to have mown the lawn before I left but, well…. Procrastination is my middle name! I think the lawn will look like a jungle when I return, especially if the weather remains relatively mild.
I’ll also miss the Magnolia flowering, she’s taking her time breaking free of her furry skins, so none are actually open yet – I just hope there isn’t lots of rain when I’m away and the blooms are damaged.

A couple of weeks ago I found this interesting potato in a bought bag… Looks like it was meant, just for me!

The dwarf Russian Almond is almost coming into bloom too, this too is teasing me, as these have been bursting open for a few days now.

Muscari are looking very pretty

Urm, I think I was somewhat Allium happy in the ‘new’ border last Autumn (really need to think of a name for the border!)

The Cherry tree border is looking the best it has done since we moved in… It’s only recently that I’ve begun working in there, trying to get more colour and interest. I planted many bulbs in Autumn, namely Anemone Blanda, but also some Snowdrops and Tulipa Turkestanica. I also have a few Geranium Phaeums, Bluebells, Daffodils, ferns, Ajuga, Pulmonaria and Dicentra. There’s still plenty to do, but so far it’s looking promising.

White Dicentra with Pyracantha cuttings to protect it from the feet of the big fat pigeons that patrol the border looking for fallen seeds.

One of the few Ajuga’s has small blue flowers beginning to form between the leaves

Some plants are attempting to grow after being trampled and then buried by workmen… This Astrantia Major Roma seems to be recovering a bit.

Jumping Spiders are everywhere, they’re loving the Clematis I potted temporarily *coughworkmencough* and I regularly see lots hunting along the stems.

Ladybirds are everywhere at the moment, every time I venture out I see at least half a dozen.

My little Acer is looking rather colourful with its fresh red leaves.

Osmanthus will probably open its blooms next week too… Seriously, why is everything opening when I’m away?!

Something has eaten the Daffodils under the Stellata… Happens every.single.year.

And the current star of the show…. Tulipa Turkestanica

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Are you sure it isn't May?

It’s the turn of the Blossoms now, they’re out very early this year it feels… Normally I'd expect them in April-May! It's been very warm for the past couple of days, with temperatures being 15+ in the shade and I expect it to be somewhat higher on our South-westish back garden.

Fuji Cherry, Kojo-no-mai is in full bloom now and cheering up my decking until I get it planted, still waiting on the finishing touches being done to my fence… Can’t plant my climbers until it’s done and getting slightly frustrated now, especially with all the concrete and wood still all over the garden.

In the coming days I'll have Magnolia Stellata photos… Oh yes, we have blooms for the first time in years. Not many, but I’m just so pleased to actually have some at last!
I’m actually rather annoyed that they’re only just opening, it’s likely I’ll miss them because I’m off to Rotterdam on Sunday… typical.

The Autumn Cherry is slowly coming to the end of its blooms, I was taking these shots a couple of days ago when suddenly a Long-Tailed Tit flew into the tree around 30cm from my face. I didn’t get the camera round fast enough to take a shot before it flew onto the feeders. Such a gorgeous little bird, this is the first year I’ve ever had them coming to the feeders, normally they stick to the trees in neighbouring gardens.

I spent some time this afternoon unsuccessfully stalking a Peacock butterfly… As I gave up and began shooting some Tulipa Turkestanica it decided to sunbathe… On my backdoor step! Arghhhh.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Sherwood Forest

We had a nice little day out at Sherwood on Thursday, currently the car park is free but from April 1st you have to pay… So I wanted to get a visit in before we would be charged.

I’d expected to see more growth as it’s a little further south than us, but it looks like the trees are pretty much the same – Hawthorn and Elder beginning to leaf up but little else happening.

The bare landscape is interesting in its own right, especially because it allows you to see the bones of the trees, the interesting knobbles and twists, of which there are many in Sherwood Forest.

There’s also plenty of broken branches, especially so after the heavy snow this winter.

Hawthorn, I love new Hawthorn leaves the most.

One of many piles of logs/branches, the keepers must have plenty of work at the moment!

Some interestingly twisted branches

Knobbly tree!

Pete did well with the Bird spotting, and spied numerous Treecreepers!

And the Major Oak, the tree famous for Robin Hood and urm… All that.

It has supports, I guess it’s too important for them to lose!

The tree It has amazing branches, I love how voluptuous they are…

A very knobbly tree!

For years the visitor centre has been run-down. I remember going as a child and thinking it was shockingly awful and needed updating. As a result I haven’t been since then, I must’ve been 10 or 11 at the time.
When we first visited back in January it was just as bad as back then. I popped to the bathroom and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a public toilet as bad.
Thankfully they seem to be renovating, and I hope everything is much better, and in future I might actually suggest Sherwood as somewhere to visit, because for the past 18 years I’ve always told people not to bother.

Pete had a go at being arty with the camera… This is an old, rather ugly statue of Robin and Little John battling it out… See what I mean about it being in serious need of modernising? I wonder if these will see a lick of paint? Or perhaps a complete new statue, because these are just scary.

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Friday, 18 March 2011

For the love of Blossom

Our Autumn flowering Cherry is in full bloom…

How can anyone fail to love these delicate little flowers?

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