Friday, 27 August 2010

Copper Summer Days

The Small Copper returned… It's also Friday!

She's determined to get all the nectar she can…

*really* determined!

Big, scary changes are unfolding for me...

I know I longed for September.

Sometimes, be careful what you wish for.

It might just happen!

It all seemed like such a good idea almost a year and a half ago, now I cannot help but wonder if I've made a huge mistake.

Today I left work for the last time and enter the world of the unknown. I start my MSc in September and hope to gain enough work exprience to ensure I have a job when I finish.

I've no idea why I'm grieving like I've lost a dear friend or family member. I cannot put into words my emotions, they don't make sense.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Late Summer

Mornings are much cooler and the days are reaching nice, warm temperatures. These I can live with, I've had enough of hot, muggy, grey days. Last week we had a corker, it was so heavy and horrible, I just don't know how people put up with it for long periods of time… as the day progressed I gradually felt more light-headed and sick. Finally 4pm came and I virtually ran out of the office, OH was meeting me and we went for a meal, the restaurant was air conditioned and almost immediately I felt much better.

I have some more catching up to do; I've been sparse on posts this month and haven't really even mentioned any of the veggies I've grown.
The tomatoes have begun ripening a few weeks ago, I cannot remember their type but they were supposed to be an early variety… I wouldn't really call this early! Anyway, I also have some gardener's delight and a cherry which was given to me by a colleague, they are by the back door of the house and are also now ripening. I want to try a Heritage variety next year, does anyone have any suggestions?

Our Rosarie de l'hay has had a second flush of flowers, I am so very pleased as the perfume… it's to die for. If I could effectively collect it in a bottle to smell all year, I would.

This summer I have seen lots of these around:

We’ve also had this visiting, I've never seen quite such a huge Hoverfly before…

The Gatekeeper had its eye on me…

But soon went back to eating

Meanwhile another can be seen on the Coneflower

Crocosmia takes over at this time of year

And I've been using it in vase arrangements… Photos will be posted another day.

A (Carder??) Bee, very fluffy it is, too!

One of my Rudbeckia has opened double, not complaining though…

A tiny moth I know I've seen before, and know they do not have a common name, only a long latin name so I won't waste my time attempting to find it again…

Cherry or Gardener's Delight by the kitchen door… Others on the plant are turning orange.

Does anyone know what this Cotoneaster is?? It has the strangest growing habit I've ever seen and I cannot say I'm a fan of this 'messy' look. It was here when we moved so I have no idea what the previous owners planted.
I think I'm going to have to get rid, it clearly wants to grow much too large for the space they gave… And to think they'd originally also planted Portugal Laurel right next to it, madness.

The 'early' Tomatoes… I *may* have already eaten a few... For testing purposes, clearly.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Macro Monday

Heuchera flowers may not be flouncy, garish or exuberant… They sure are pretty though!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Dancing with Butteflies

A self indulgent post really, these two were nicely dancing around on the sea holly, almost in unison as they drank the nectar.

As we come to the end of the season the cooler temperatures cause the Butterflies to be slower, and catching the photos is easier… either that or they've become accustomed to me?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - August 2010

So, this month I think I'll dedicate to the insects, I'm in awe at the moment, there's just so many.

Bees and Hoverflies are everywhere you turn…

The garden dances with the insects

Honey Bee???

Autumn looms… Mushrooms are appearing

A very impressive hoverfly, actually looks like a wasp!

Meadowbrown still proves difficult to get near…

The Gatekeepers also like the Scabious

As does the Comma! And if you look closely, check out how many Hoverflies there are!

A Gatekeeper takes a rest on a wall.

And finally a Red Admiral Arrives. Those ‘blobs’ are rain drops… Brilliant sunshine, but chucking it down… Yes I got wet!

The Scabious are certainly worth having in the garden. I sowed them last year thinking they’d be a quick fix annual. All have come back this year!

Comma on Buddleja

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