Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow in Sheffield

Finally we got the snow!

Previously it was a rather pathetic attempt, probably not even managing 1cm, but now I’d estimate there’s a little over an inch :)

And since I’m off all week, I get to enjoy it this time, snow angel’s here we come!

I’m afraid there are a lot of images, and you may well want to either make yourself a cup of tea to view them or get some matchsticks to keep your eyelids open…

The pathetic covering we had on Saturday...

And I believe the Sweet Pea has finally died… My hopes of a vase on Christmas day are now destroyed!

Dead Sedum

Penstemon looking unhappy

Frost on the Campanula leaves

Under my small Fuji Cherry

Last night we had a wonderful sunset…

And a beautiful sunrise

The city quickly disappeared in the snow

I doubt the Rose flowers will survive this

Poor Magpie...

The snow then stopped and began to quickly melt away…

The birds wasted no time coming out for food.

Can you make it out on the Pyracantha??

A plane flies overhead… I wonder where they’re off to?

Mr BB peeks around

Whose feet made these??

Ornamental grass wears the snow perfectly

Today I went shopping for the final food stuffs, we came out to snow falling, big heavy fat snow… It may not stay around too long though because it’s obviously warm enough for the flakes to fuse together. We’ll see what happens, I hope the birdies are ok, at one point we had three Robins fighting for food… I brushed snow off some of the walls for sunflower hearts, I’m sure even Mr Fox will appreciate them!

I hope you are ready for Christmas, may you have a wonderful time with those you love!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas – brought to you by the colour cream, brown and blue.

We finally got our tree on Wednesday night, after some messing around – the garden centre was closed… Hardly surprising… We ended up at B&Q just a couple of minute drive from my house! Ha ha.

The tree is now up, although I have been very lazy with all the other decorations… Mmmm I’m just not cut out for decorating a whole house, it was ok when it was your own bedroom when growing up but I’ve always struggled decorating a house.

The tree is a mix of brown, cream and an accent colour – deep blue. Getting photos is not so easy with the poor late Autumn light at the moment… Perhaps I will have to resort to using the tripod…

Beware, there are lots of photos!

I am somewhat concerned that it's now the 12th! Quite how that happened I do not know...

We had quite a good frost on friday morning, I wished I was off work to be able to get some photos. I am very glad there's only one week of work left... Phew!