About Me

About Me

I will endeavour to be as un-self absorbed as possible in this section…

I am Liz and I live in Sheffield, England with my boyfriend/partner who I have been with for over 10 years… (Oh, please don’t tell me that’s true!! How can that be?? I am not old enough to have been with someone so long!!)


We recently bought our first home almost 3 years ago now (not so recent, then… Oh how time flies!) and I have been battling with the garden ever since.
That is an injustice to the previous owners who landscaped the entire thing, it wasn’t in a bad shape, and perhaps I ought to have said I’ve been battling with the heavy clay, rocks, bricks and wood since!

I love plants, as you would expect having a garden blog, and initially started this so I could see how the garden has changed over the years…
I actually aim to be here between 5/10 years, but now feel it may be closer to the former as my new career path will most likely involve commuting out of the city and I wish to be on the outskirts to help reduce travelling time and stress.

As you read this blog no doubt you will see I enjoy photography, romance and magic. Many of my photos are abstract, this is because I do not see them as photos, but rather I see them as being pieces of art. You do not need to catch something in perfect focus to be able to catch its soul.
Focus to me is bad, blur is good… Otherwise known as ‘bokeh’.

I do also enjoy playing with film cameras such as polaroids and an 80’s toy camera called a Holga but the images very rarely make it onto this blog. I miss developing and working with film from College and University, it is a massive shame film is now so expensive to use, as it’s such a lost art… Polaroid especially is seeing a come back, as people realise that digital is not the be all and end all. Bring back double exposures, vignetting and other wonderful ‘real’ effects.

Photoshop is used far too much, very few images are real anymore. Do you really think that photo of Paris Hilton you saw in your magazine is real? That no one has touched it up, made her thinner/fatter/taller/shorter??