Thursday, 22 January 2009

Desert Island Plant Challenge

Now, I haven’t been able to spend too long thinking about this as it’s been surprisingly busy at work recently… You mean, I actually had to do something??! :D

If you'd like to take part, skip over to Shirl at:
Shirl's Gardenwatch

Ok, so I’m thinking I’d take:


This is a great all round tree, it offers protection for birds and other wildlife. It also attracts wildlife with the flowers and pollen and then the berries later on in Autumn.
You can use it as a hedge, or have a wonderful tree.

Angel’s fishing rod

A lovely romantic flower, and as I love the romantic/wild gardens this is the best (no photo I'm afraid, mine didn't flower last year - obviously bought it too late on). This then has to be combined with:

Purple Moor Grass

Oh I can see it now, I think I’d be in heaven – as long as it’s permanently summer and lovely and warm. A field of these two would just look so magical.