Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday Safari 27.09.09

It’s been another lovely September day, the days are significantly shorter though – 5pm is beginning to get chilly to sit outside. Another relaxing Saturday spent sat outside flitting between reading, taking photos and popping inside as it got a little too hot.

I didn’t do any gardening as such, unless you count collecting sweet peas for a vase and dead-heading the cosmos… I’m waiting for my spring bulbs to arrive… Just need them to arrive soon before the ground is too hard to dig! Last year I resorted to lots of pots because I left it too late and do not want a repeat this year.

The stars of the show continue to be the Cosmos, it’s very difficult to capture just how impressive they are – but I’m sure those of you who have Cosmos in your own garden know very well how wonderful they are.

Recently in the news there have been warnings of it being a good year for Spiders… I’d certainly have to agree on that one, plenty of cobwebs around at the moment and some beastly huge Garden spiders (not to mention the tarantula-sized House Spiders, Eeek!)

Cobweb on Sea Holly

My blood red Scabious

This one is very nice too, initially I had assumed it would be the same as the one above!

Gaura… Like Butterflies dancing in the wind, a must have!


Asters with lots of insects



Foxglove… A little late!

2-Spot Ladybird

Hoverfly larvae – rescued from a bowl of water

Hoverfly larvae

Jumping Spider eating lunch

Spider’s web

Another jumping spider with lunch!

Nigella seeds are ready to collect at last, with the Lliatris and Black Hollyhock not far behind, another week or so perhaps and they’ll be mature.

I have lots of seeds… I’m not entirely sure just exactly how I’ll manage to grow them all with very little greenhouse space! I’m sure I’ll find a way :)

This evening I watered the garden again, we really need some real rain… 5 minute sprinklings just aren’t enough and I don’t want the plants to die faster than they should!

I’m getting behind on the images again and have a few ideas how I’d like to post them, so I may have to make a couple of posts this week!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday Safari 20.09.09

Today has been wonderful weather, lovely and warm, verging on too hot… Well ok, actually I did have to move into the shade at times as it got too hot.

With the warm weather recently, we’ve also had butterflies returned too… This Comma was flitting around, but the closest I got was when it sunbathed on my neighbour’s wall…

The Red Admiral was still around and we now also have a Small Tortoiseshell

Again they weren’t in my garden, but my Aster’s are now open so I’m sure they’ll visit over the next couple of days… The Bees and Hoverflies are taking full advantage though…

I also found this Sawfly larvae… I’ve seen a few chomping on my roses recently…

And then almost in the same spot there were also a few of these…

I’m sure many of you have also seen some in your gardens…

Shield bugs are everywhere… Not sure whether to leave them be or get rid…

Some of the Wild Poppies are still flowering, I haven’t dead-headed for months now… Plenty of seeds to be collects from them though…

The Cosmos trees are a delight!

Recently the mornings have had a definite chill, the cobwebs are sparkling with dew in the morning in the hedges.

This Nisturium has self-seeded, there are a few around the garden left over from the previous owners. I don’t know where they continue to appear from!

The Pyracantha has put on a lot of growth this year, and with it there is a fair amount of berries… I’m sure this time next year it’ll be significantly larger!

And this Geranium is having another late, very welcome flush…

Tomorrow is my brother's birthday... He's in China so I will not be able to celebrate with him. I hope he has a great day, although I am sure he'll likely be teaching!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – September 2009

It’s garden blogger’s bloom day today and for the first time I thought I’d have a go at it…

Right, I guess I ought to get onto the photos…

First we start with Scabious, there are a few dotted around the gardens, the majority are this shade…

One of two types of Geranium in flower at the moment, this has wonderful dark bronze foliage… Perhaps I should’ve taken photos of its leaves too??

Black Hollyhock still has a couple of flowers, I am allowing it to go to seed now though so no doubt it won’t be around much longer. I think I may have to move it for next year, it’s in my line of sight to the bird feeders… Along with the Bean canes… I can’t think who thought it’d be a great idea to have tall structures right in front of the feeders… Hence the lack of bird photos over the past few months!

Asters are beginning to open, I’m not entirely sure why they have taken a week or so longer to open compared to my neighbours… Mine came from her garden… Never mind, at least it extends the nectar for the Butterflies that are still around. I need to get a few more types for next year, this lull in plants is not good for the insects.

Sea Thrift sits next to the Geranium above, and it’s being swamped, so I think I will move it into the tier where it can grow in peace.

Hoverfly on Astrantia, this is the second flush and very welcome too!

Brachycome is flowering again after I bought it half dead a few weeks ago… It’s a nice simple little flower, very similar to the Asters.

Coreopsis is still flowering, and so far Mr Fox hasn’t dug it up yet! Woo hoo!!!

Cyclamen looking very pretty… I actually wish I’d got them near the house now… I never see them… Well, I guess it gives me a good reason to go out into the garden!

Coneflower, I love these… I’ve collected seeds and will have a go at growing my own next year!

Shasta Daisy is by the side of the house with the Rose, adding some colour to the otherwise dull and lifeless area.

Sweet Peas are a rare sight in the garden… Only because I pick them every couple of days for my vase… The perfume is wonderful, I don’t think I’ll ever be without it.

Verbena and Cosmos… Sadly the Verbena seems to be coming to an end… Although it’s now my chance to collect the seeds for next year!

Bee on Verbena Bonariensis

Sedum in the late sun… It’s quite stunning when you get close!

I know it looks like there are still lots in flower, but trust me it’s all looking very bare, it’s quite depressing going outside! However it just makes me more determined to ensure that next year there is plenty of interest until October…