Sunday, 30 January 2011

January - End of Month

What's happening at the end of January?

We have quite a few plants growing and more Snowdrops by the day. The front garden remains largely dead still with just a few Snowdrops coming up, however the Sweet box will soon be in flower and there are nice big buds on the Forsythia. Soon I will have to weed the front as Willowherbs are popping up - doesn't make for attractive photos!

The majority of the growth is all in the Back and side of the house because they receive far more sunlight at this time of year.

Aruncus’ first growth

These Snowdrops have suddenly popped up in the left border, I didn’t even see them peeping up, one day there was nothing and the next… This!

White Forsythia buds – looking forward to their perfume.

Muscari in a different pot is coming up too. Now all the pots have some bulb growth :)

I’m not sure… Anemone?

Sea Holly obviously thinks it’s Spring!

I hope the end of February brings far more to see!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Who stole January?

Where did January go?



Iris reticulata – Harmony or Pauline

A rose I had in a vase, I’m attempting to see if it will set root, the flowers were just so pretty. Had a rustic, colour compared to most overly vibrant roses available.

Garrya catkins

The primulas aren’t doing so well after the snow, but they are growing back quite nicely.

This pot is going to get full very quickly.

I’m a little concerned this pot isn’t going to look as good as it normally does… Should be loads of Crocus in there…

Fresh growth on a Strawberry

Rose buds, some already have leaves/branches growing. Need to cut them back!

Winter Jasmine

This Aubrieta is growing rapidly, I’ll have to cut it back soon because it’s taking over!

Lovely Fern leaves brighten up the Cherry border.

Bulbs coming up also in the Cherry border – surprised because it’s so shady!

Clematis ‘Willy’ buds

It’s definitely time to get rid of this Cordyline now.

Magnolia Stellata bud fattening up – I hope it’s a flower!

Yarrow buds… I can’t believe this has survived the snow? Is it possible it’s managed to produce this flower already and then it’s been killed by the frost?!

Sea Holly seeds looking rather mouldy!

This Sweet Rocket is enjoying the protection from the dead Cosmos/Verbena/Sea Holly, last time I saw it I swear it was less than half the size!

Looks like I need to get moving with jobs in the garden now it looks like Spring is definitely here.

I need new fence posts so have to remove some of the plants from the border so we can replace the old ones. I aim to only move the climbers, and I want to do it whilst they're still dormant and won't risk upsetting them. I have a huge trug I'll put them in with compost for them to live in temporarily.
I hadn't thought I'd need to do it just yet, I thought I'd be ok until Feb/March but looks like I need to get arranging for it to be done!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Frosty morning

Heavy frosts over the past few days have frozen the ground solid again, I hope it hasn't damaged the emerging bulbs.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It’s rolling in like a steam train

Not a day passes where there aren’t noticeable changes happening. Ok, so you do have to look fairly closely but the green jewels are so very obvious against the brown/grey left behind by the snow.

On Saturday I visited the dreaded Dobbies Garden Centre, there were a few perennials reduced which obviously I had to pick up. A few of them were shade/moist lovers, perfect for some barren shady areas in the garden that I have mostly neglected for the past three years I’ve been here.

My Hellebore ‘Niger’ given as a present from my nan died last summer. So I had to replace it, only a small gift from my nan but it surprised me how much she seemed to know what I’d like – no doubt my mum had something to do with it! (And of course Cheryl for getting me hooked on Hellebores too)

I opted for a plant with only one flower in bloom but with a number of buds coming through.

I also picked up Astrantia ‘Snowstar’ and it has a small number of fresh leaves…

Iris Reticulata are popping up everywhere now, in the past few days their numbers have increased dramatically. They should've been joined by pretty cyclamen, sadly they're mushy brown now.

The self-sown viola has bloomed again after the snow. It is much hardier than those bought during the Summer/Autumn. I guess this is an excellent reason to grow your own species as it is hardy and completely unique. I’m assuming it must be a cross with the canary yellow violas and whites I’ve had?
They’ve produced these lovely little creamy violas with nice cheerful faces.

Fresh leaf on one of my ‘mystery’ Hellebores, it should be some type of Harvington double, I just don’t know which. The second isn’t doing as well though and I also have Picotee to add to my growing collection.

Another Snowdrop has popped up which wasn’t there a few days ago, there are more along the side of the house too which have suddenly appeared.

These Muscari have also shot up as they were not there when I last took photos a few days ago.

I think these seedlings might be poppy seedlings, what do you all think?! They’ve popped up in the Blackcurrant pot.

And here are the Blackcurrant buds waiting to burst open.

Comfrey shows signs of life

An unknown found in the strawberry hanging basket…

Osmanthus has flower buds waiting, it’ll probably be another month before they open.