Sunday, 28 February 2010

End of Month View – February 2010

Here’s my end of month view, you would be forgiven for thinking that very little has changed… I’ve spent the past month on tender hooks waiting for the garden to burst into life and yet here I am still waiting!

Almost!!!! Hurry!!!

Iris, Bluebell, Crocus, Allium and Daffodil. Perhaps it’s time I cleaned up debris from the garden now…

Aquilegia seedlings are growing, I assure you!

Tulips and I believe an Iris, although I don’t remember planting anything else in this pot… Bit unsure what else it could be!

The snow doesn’t appear to have damaged the Skimmia

Pretty pot bought very cheap in Autumn… Notice the dead Heather, seriously it always dies on me, no idea what I do wrong!

Bulbs in the shady front garden, significantly behind those in the back and side. These are in our darkest border, thrilled to see so many coming up.

Snowdrops and I believe Daffodils, although I do not remember planting any just here…

A large group of Crocus

Primula does not look happy after the snow, but new buds are coming through to replace the damaged flowers.

Crocus in the deepest darkest area.

Sweet box is still providing us with lush honey perfume.

Snowdrops in the border at the side of the house, I look forward to them naturalising and providing more of a show.

A pot with Tulip, Crocus and Allium, still teasing me. I’m getting tired of all this teasing!

I'm really very happy with how many of the Snowdrops have come through, with planting not 'in the green' apparently they're not all that successful, but out of 100 bulbs I planted I have to say a lot have come up! I'd estimate at least 70% so far and considering the bag was around £4 that's pretty good imo.
Although I'm not too impressed with the success of the Crocus from the same company... Saying that, all the other bulbs I've ever bought from them have been excellent. So once the Crocus come up, we'll see.

The end of month views are hosted by Helen, over at The Patient Gardener.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Almost There...



First Anemone flower… Won’t be long!

Another tease!!!!

Yes, Carex yet again…

Pheasant’s Grass is growing nicely.

Now for a shock…
Rose bud

I realise a Rosebud is not exactly shocking to you all…

However this little baby is a trimming from one of the roses in the front last winter and used the cut-off as a natural support to some Cosmos in one of the beds. I did not intend for it to root… How on Earth it’s survived I have no idea… If this roots and survives, then I may just fall off my chair.

Plants amaze me.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fashionably Early?

Does anyone else think this guy is a little early to the party? Apparently Skimmia flower April – May.

Perhaps he needs to go back to bed for a little while…

Sweetbox perfume was also very welcome in the lovely warming **sunshine…

**Shame it was freeeeezing in the shade…

I managed a good 30 minutes out in the garden with only my top on before I came inside, although to be honest I came back in because I ran out of things to photograph.

It’s amazing how different the sun levels now are compared to last weekend, the sun is now hitting the garden and also streaming into the lower levels of the house… Of course this could’ve been happening for a while now but every weekend has been too cloudy for me to realise.

It also explains why the bulbs have all suddenly shot up :)

Monday, 15 February 2010

GBBD February 2010

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Weekend!

Time for another Garden Blogger's Bloom Day...

It seems over the past week the bulbs have grown significantly, the tulips especially seem to have shot up and many of the Crocus now have a large bulge where the flowers must be developing.
I’ve also discovered many new bulbs coming up around the garden… exciting, exciting, exciting!

Seedlings sent by Cheryl – haven’t yet killed them!!

The Honesty doesn’t seem to have changed much

Perennial Foxgloves have more sets of leaves now

Aquilegia seedlings also have new leaves

More of the Tulipa ‘Pink Impression’ are coming up.

Sweet Box ‘purple Stem’ flowers are out, this will be planted in the front garden for a lovely scent we arrive home during Winter.

New Asters have buds

Pheasant’s Tail Grass

Skimma with Carex Buchananii wrapped around it.

Blackcurrant buds are plumping.

New Crocus growth, these are in one of the main borders so will be seen from the kitchen.

More growth on the Aquilegia

Hellebore yet again, this has been in flower a long time – December!

This pot will look lovely in a couple of months, I hope the Cyclamen produce more flowers. Just a shame the rest of the year it is very boring… Spy the Bluebell coming up!

Tulips are much larger…

Second Aquilegia has produced more leaves… Things are really moving now!

Veronica has new growth too, I will cut the old growth back in a few weeks, but I will leave it there to help protect the fresh growth from any more snow or frost.

The first Anenome growth has suddenly appeared.

Sea Holly, this year I’ll plant it in the ground… This pot was ‘temporary’… Only I never quite got it planted!


Iris, there is a distinct lack of them this year… Yes this pot has also been ripped apart by Fox.

Bluebells survived the Fox digging up part of the pot.

Another group of Snowdrops

Now the Lichen is a very nice surprise… Ok, so it’s no surprise to most but I would never have expected to see any here. I live but 2 miles from one of the largest UK cities… We have Lichen!!! A lovely indication of good quality air. (This Magnolia has been in that spot less than a year)

And a small bouquet of Tulips Pete bought me – he also got me some bulbs. I just wanted something to cheer the house up a little and these Tulips will do just fine…