Tuesday, 30 November 2010

End of Month View - November

Well, the end of month view isn’t so much of a view, but rather some more snow photos.

Waking up Monday morning and we'd had a splattering of snow, the roads soon cleared though, the fresh snow seemed to help melt the older fall.


Ok, so I’m now going to pummel you with even more snow photos, these were taken this morning…

Now let's hope we don't have a repeat for December's End of Month View.

If you'd like to take part pop along to The Patient Gardener

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Here we go again

So, the snow arrived… I suppose I ought to be grateful that the initial forecast for snow every day this week didn’t happen…

I used to love snow, but something’s changed. I think earlier this year just ruined all sense of excitement at seeing the white stuff. Now I just dread a repeat of January and the battle with the snow.

Looking at photos of this time last year is shocking to see how much more life was still in the garden. I still had Sweet Peas on the 29th!

Early morning shot before the sun had come around the houses.

There isn’t a great deal left out there to photograph

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Safari

Sorry, I don’t really have anything to show at the moment… I’ve been too busy with Uni work when it was sunny, and then Saturday was generally miserable with some sporadic sunshine…

I have some more bulbs to plant – not to worry I didn’t buy them! My mum gave me some for my birthday – Bluebells and a mixed box of spring bulbs such as Crocus, Grape Hyacinth, Snowdrops etc. As expected the Crocus are already attempting to grow, so I have to find time today to get them in the ground otherwise they’ll be wasted.

There’s very little to report at the moment, fewer flowers are surviving as Autumn creeps into Winter and I hear snow is a possibility for almost anywhere in the UK by the end of the week. I will have to cut the Cosmos flowers for a vase as I’m loathed to let the Snow kill them off before I get a chance to admire them.

For now I’ll leave you with some photos from the end of October that I never posted…

Carex Buchanii comes into its own at this time of year

They are rather too crowded, I need to do a little moving in the ‘new’ border…

It’s all very dense, a mini jungle.

I’m not too sure about this self-sown Euphorbia or the nettles just to the left of the shot…

For a long time I was unable to get here thanks to the large Flat-topped Aster.

The black Lilyturf are doing very well.

It’s spreading around the tier… I’m not so sure I wanted this to happen!

Thankfully these don't die off over winter, so you might see a fair few photos of these over the next few months.