Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sunday Safari

I’m building up quite a back-log of images at the moment… So make yourself a nice hot drink and bear with me…

I recently caved into the charms of perennial wallflowers… And so far they’re a big hit with the Bees

This Bee was resting with its face in the bloom… I’ve seen this quite a lot, where the Bees are seemingly asleep.

Another Bee arrived…

And the original ‘sleeping’ Bee didn’t welcome the visitor! Lol

The Bees are also loving the Salvia…

I also got myself some Knautia Macedonica, and I look forward to the insects also loving its blooms, the Scabious will join it once they’re large enough to be planted into their forever homes.

My wild red poppies are blooming, although not as impressive as last year, I was too ‘lax in getting seeds sown, these ones have appeared at the foot of the Blackcurrant bush for some reason…

I’m liking this pink Aquilegia, its skirt is also pink yet other flowers on the same plant have yellow skirts… I prefer the one solid colour I think.

Feverfew is back again and much larger than last year, I think I’ll try saving some seeds and growing it elsewhere as it’s currently in the middle of the path and I’m getting tired of stepping around it!

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Sweet Rocket


Sorry this doesn't make my post wordless anymore, but blogger is still having issues and it logs me out all the time... This also means I'm unable to comment to people also on blogger as it doesn't recognise my blogger account, so I login, then when I come from the login page to comment again, it's logged me out. Repeat x 1000000 times and you'll see steam coming from my ears.


Anyway, onto the more interesting stuff...

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Macro Monday – Argyranthemum

Let’s have some nice pretty shots of Argyranthemum - Lemon Anemone, it is actually in a hanging basket that I made and intended to go by the front door… The problem with that is, the basket’s looking very nice, and needs a little longer for everything to come into flower, however I know as soon as it’s hanging by the front door I’ll forget about it and fail to water it regularly. Plus I’m also far less likely to take photos of it, as it’ll be a) too high and b) I don’t often photograph the front garden.
Perhaps I’ll have to place it on the hanging hook by the back door instead and just buy something for the front??

Any excuse to buy more!

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Lighting: A closer look

I’ve decided to have a go at entering Gardening Gone Wild’s Picture This Contest this month… Which aims to get participants to "look at light in the macro or close-up world."

After a recent play with the light in the garden, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

If you too want to enter, you'll have to hurry as the deadline is coming up!

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Safari Sunday Saturday

Howdy, I’m home after a very nice relaxed week in Norfolk; for the most part early on in the week the weather was warm and muggy and the skies often grey but I didn’t mind because it meant the temperature was more bearable. During the latter half of the week, it became clear and sunny and thus the temperature slowly crept up.

The garden has changed a lot in the past few days, and I have a surprise that you’re all just going to have to wait another couple of days for…………… tee hee.

I’d asked Pete to mow the lawn for me when I was away because I’d been too ill/in hospital for the few days before I left for Norfolk… However, being Pete he didn’t do it so I came home to a jungle and had three wonderful presents left in the long grass from cats. Less than impressed I can assure you, thanks for that one Pete. Mucho gracias.

One of the Lupins has come into bloom when I was away, this year is its best so far and I’ve found a few seedlings around and cannot wait for them to bloom perhaps this time next year.
The Bees are certainly enjoying the flowers as much as I am!

My pink Lupin is a little behind the purple, and the white one bought late last year has not survived… I’m tempted to take it back to the shop!

Roseraie de l’hay continues to bloom, I have brought more flowers into the house so I can enjoy them both inside and out.

My Angelicas sent to me from Cheryl that I grew from seed last year are almost in bloom, I do not think they are as tall as they ought to be…

It’s now time for the hardy Geraniums, with three all coming into bloom whilst I was away

Astrantia in the ‘new’ border although there is a severe shortage of blooms on them… I’m unsure why but hope we will get more in the coming weeks.

Veronica ‘Twilight’ is very lush, I’m glad it survived the heavy snow and seems to be the better for it. I’m almost becoming impatient waiting for its tall purple spires.

If there was ever a reason for you to get Alliums this is it; Bees love them! Mine are almost finished now, but the Bees are still buzzing around gathering the dwindling food.

Astrantia Major Roma is doing well, and I will have to divide it next year or move it…

The Peas are doing well, my dwarf French Beans aren’t doing so well though, with only the one seedling having come up I had to sow two more and hope they’re successful this time.

And this plant, which I originally thought was fleabane seems to be either Ragged Robin or Red Campion sent to me from Cheryl… Although I am thrilled to see this, I am also now very disappointed that I seem to have lost all the fleabane. These have popped up where I sowed seeds from the fleabane so I’m confused how they got there but I am sure they will be gorgeous all the same!

I’m so in love with this self-sown Aquilegia, I love its plum shade, and its height!

The little moths are spinning more and more webs around the Hawthorn, I think they are likely to be small Ermine moths.

This is a massive surprise for me… Allium Christophii. I’ve either been sent a rogue bulb or this bulb took a two year hiatus and decided to bloom again this year… I planted a few when we first moved here in 2008 and none ever returned! No complaints that this one has shown up though :)

The seeds sown in the Buddleja border are doing very well, and will need thinning… Just as well because most of the seedlings in the new border seem to have disappeared :( most upset as they were doing so well… I’ve sowed some replacement seeds, but it may be too late now.

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