Sunday, 31 October 2010

End of Month View – October 2010

I’m quite surprised to have plants around, at the end of September it seemed rather unlikely, but here we are with colour, and flowers still very much in attendance, even if they are somewhat fewer in number.

Viola and Cyclamen are making for a pretty picture

The trees seem to have suddenly decided it’s Autumn, many around us have now put on their show. It’s wonderful!

Tomatoes look rather sad, but actually add some colour, so I’m leaving them to nature.

Plump Cotoneaster berries will hopefully attract a few of the many, many Waxwings which have made the trip across from Scandinavia in the past week.

Dwarf Russian Almond


This Geranium is looking particularly pretty

And now for the star of the show… Aster 'Lady in Black'

Mexican Fleabane is going strong

Shady area under the Cherry which will hopefully look much better next year. Along with the recently planted Ferns and Geraniums I also have Pulmonaria and plenty of Anemone and Tulip bulbs.

Btw, apologies if the photos are different, or look wrong. I've got a new laptop and am having a few issues with Photoshop CS5. I *think* they should look fine to you all but cannot be sure.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Hydrangea Skeletons

I hope everyone is well, apologies for the silence for a while. I’ve been swamped with far too much to do and have spent pretty much every waking minute reading various papers or doing various bits of research. We have our first test next week and then after that a flurry of papers, assignments and presentations. Lots of fun.

We do still have a few plants in flower, the Cosmos still hasn't flowered... Will they manage it before the hard frosts? Answers on a postcard, please.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – October 2010

I think it’s likely this will be the last GBBD I’ll be participating in for a few months, I do not imagine anything will be blooming this time next month (my birthday is always so beautiful and cheery in the garden… Mmmm.)

Thankfully we’ve still had Butterflies, however the weather has turned distinctly cooler – even with the sun out. I don’t think the Comma, Red Admiral or Small Tortoiseshell will visit for much longer.

I finally checked the labels on my mystery Aster… Perhaps I ought to have done it a little sooner…
She is ‘Aster Lateriflorus ‘Lady in Black’’. And a quick search on the net brings up some interesting images… At least I’ve learnt my lesson for this year and hopefully we rectify the issue for next year :)

I’m making this post as quick as possible because I’ve had or am still suffering from a shocking cold. Must be making up for the fact I avoided any illness at all last Autumn/Winter/Spring and giving me a doubly horrible dose. If it weren’t for the fact my nose and eyes were streaming and I had no rash I would’ve assumed I had Meningitis. Light hurt me, I could barely open my eyes, my whole body hurt, stiff neck, legs ached, nausea and I’ve had a headache for the past 3days now (the beginning of this post was actually written before I got ill in preparation for Bloom day)

This Anemone looks a little worse for wear

Recently planted shady border under the cherry tree.

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

Autumn/Winter pots are planted

Lady in Black

Pyracantha berries are nice and juicy now

Cosmos finally has flower buds……………………….

Alpine Strawberry

One last Rose bloom

Last of the Tomatoes?

Some sweetpeas left

Now is the time of year for mosses

Perhaps the last of the Comma Butterflies too.