Tuesday, 21 September 2010

September or is it November??

It’s only September and already it’s feeling more like November… It’s been poor for the past couple of months, we’re used to the weather perking up during September and October but so far, no such luck.

The garden seems to have pretty much given up the ghost, there are some flowers still hanging on in there and thankfully more Asters yet to come into flower.

Jasmine is showing wonderful Autumnal colours

Rudbekia adds a little colour to garden

The yellow rose is attempting to bloom again.

Thankfully the Scabious are still around and blooming, very impressed with them.

This Phlox is only just coming into bloom… Rather late!

Pyracantha berries are becoming more engorged, the birds will enjoy them!

One of the last Crocosmia blooms, I’m grateful for the colour at the moment.

I think this is some feverfew, I’ve no idea how it got into the ‘new’ border, but since I lost my other plant in the winter it’s a pleasant surprise.

Some more Asters are almost in bloom.

There are many buds, and I look forward to it providing plenty of nectar for the insects so late in the season.

Cupid’s dart still hasn’t flowered… Oh well.

I hope the Sweet Peas continue for a while yet :)

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Thinking of Spring

Yes peoples, it's that time of the year where our thoughts start turning towards Spring… My bulbs have arrived and now I need to get to work...

This also means the heavier landscaping work on the garden can soon begin, I’ve been holding off planting some Pulmonaria, Ferns and Geraniums under the cherry tree so that I could get them all planted together and hopefully not forget where the bulbs are. I ordered 100 anemone bulbs which I hope will bring some much needed colour to the shady area in the Spring…

Now I just have to hope I don’t accidentally dig up some Dicentra and Toad lilies I planted in April/May.

I’ll be removing the Photinia at the same time to open the area up a little because it’s casting too much shade – and stops me from cutting the hedge! As I try to keep everything wildlife friendly, I just feel it’s taking up too much room and giving practically nothing back. So I may replace it with something like a Skimmia or Witch hazel for Spring colour/Perfume/Food for early pollinators.

For the rest of the garden I ordered:

X100 Galanthus - Nivalis Single
X10 Allium Aflatunense
X 50 Tulip Turkestanica
X 50 Iris Reticulata 'Pauline'
X100 Crocus Chrysanthus Cream Beauty
X100 Crocus Biflorus Miss Vain
X10 Allium Purple Sensation

No photos, sorry. Not getting home until 6-8pm has left me with very little time for the past couple of weeks. It's induction week next week, students are flooding into the city for both Universities and there's no way I'm going anywhere near the city centre for a while other than into Uni. It's madness!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2010

Autumn is creeping in, it's mid September, my thoughts start to turn towards Bonfire night and then Christmas.

If you too would like to participate in GBBD please visit May Dreams Gardens

Two Comas in the garden, both within a foot or two of each other…

And the other through the other plants… I didn’t want to scare it away.

Not keen on the horrible garden spiders. Their pattern gives me the creeps.

Autumn has taken hold of the Sea Holly

… A Bee enjoys the nectar from an Aster

Berries on the Pyracantha are ripening

Sedum is coming into bloom

The Pheasant’s Tail Grass is losing its colour

And the Gladioli are almost finished blooming

This is the time for the Carex to come into its own with its wonderful bronze tones

Ok, so now who feels like a bit of a fool?

*waves hand around like a child desperate to shout out the answer*

After having mentioned to Cheryl that I had lost my Ragwort we had in the garden when we first moved in, guess what I’ve discovered??

Yep, you all know what’s coming now. There’s been a weed growing in the grass, and in particular around the shed. I’ve strimmed it sporadically over the growing season but it continues to come back. Well since I’ve been out of it over the past week or two it’s had the chance to grow taller – all be it somewhat stunted – and has opened a flower or two.

I took some photos of it today once it was discovered, checked google and sure enough. So I have at least 4 around the grass… I will have to attempt to move it because it’s in front of the shed, and also the Butterflies will appreciate it much more if it’s in the sun.