Monday, 31 May 2010

End of Month View – May

Yes, it’s that time once again…

We’ll start with the left border by the kitchen

Monster Buddleja is showing its true self... It won't take long before it's taking over again.

And the right border by the kitchen

Black Hollyhock



And now onto the upper areas of the garden

A few more plants have been added to the new border...

Everything seems to be growing up and not out...

This Clematis is in the wrong place, it needs more light… Tempted to let it climb up the feeder station and Elder.

Fuji Cherry is looking happy in its new home.

Rose, Weigela and other random plants.

Friday, 28 May 2010

We're almost getting there!

It's incredible how in just a few days so much can chage…

The new border seems to be maturing nicely, and I think once the millions of Poppies are out (I don't remember putting so many Poppy seeds in the mix I spread!!!) then hopefully it will look far more impressive, even if they are only a temporary fix until the plants mature over the next few years.

Astrantia are opening and adding a nice little splash of pink to the new border and I seem to have too many Gladiolus!

Here we can see the poppy (and other) seedlings. I sprinkled the seeds around so can't quite understand how I managed to get such massive clumps.

Monkshood and Aster are growing tall, no life on the verbena bonariensis :(

Seedling clumps…

Not to worry… mistakes can always be rectified…

Weigela has suddenly begun to flower, I'm sure there were no signs of buds when I looked a couple of days ago!

More Marjorie

And more Rubens

More Allium

My first rose - Roseraie de L'hay.

Aubreita is still flowering

Geranium Ballerina has opened her delicate flowers

Black Lilyturf shows new growth, I am pleased they survived the winter

Lupin is nearly in flower, love love.

And for the finale…

American Wisteria bud! Thrilled it's survived the winter and cannot wait for the flowers to open.

I need to get my potted seedlings and plants out this bank holiday weekend, they will grow far faster in the ground where they can spread their feet. We have: Nicotiana, Cosmos, Sweet Rocket, Cupid's dart, Hollyhock and Angelica to plant…

Yesterday I even got brave and tried a little Sedum propagation, we'll see how successful I was in a few weeks!

(yes, yes I realise sedum are probably the easiest plants in the world to propagate…please don't burst my bubble lol)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Norfolk Holiday - Pensthorpe Part II

And now for the 'green' areas of Pensthorpe…

On the wildlife walk:

Clematis Rubens

Rubens and Wisteria

White Wisteria

A view looking back down the garden

A view over to one of the pond/lakes

Piet Oudolf's Millennium Garden:

And that's it!

As I said, I realise I was pushing it and have a feeling they created it to add interest in the late Summer/Autumn where the wildlife and woodland areas provide interest in the spring/early summer.
I guess it's an excuse to go back later in the year sometime providing I have the time/money.

A woodland walk area, leading up towards the Red Squirrel enclosure:

No Red Squirrels to be seen, no surprise there as they generally hide away from 11am until evening - from my experience of them in Scotland where we have them come to feeders in the garden.

I didn't take a great many photos of the green areas, I was mainly focused on getting the birds... Must remember for next time to take along a different lens for landscape shots! :)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Time for some flower shots…

I'm sure many of you would much rather see photos of the garden than birds!


Bee enjoying the nectar from Aquilegia too

Angelica seedling…

Clematis 'Blue eyes'

Creeping sedum bought to cover the silly wooden border

Sea Thrift with plenty of flowers this year

Creeping Phlox also bought to cover the silly wood…

Pheasant's Grass is growing well, and we now have quite a few Gladioli swords!

Agapanthus 'Back in Black' I moved a month ago.

Daisy in the lawn.

Ladybird on Raspberry Blossoms

Clematis Rubens

Geranium in the front garden

I love this Geranium, it is such fantastic ground cover… Just need it to flower now, oh and to find out its name!

Knapweed is doing brilliantly this year!

The Geraniums and Centuria combine to make one of the only borders I'm proud of with wonderfully mature growth.


My Dierama seedlings - will guard them with my life.

Chives are in flower

Clematis Marjorie!!!! God, I love her so much!


My self sown hybrid Aquilegia, can tell it's a hybrid, the petals are gnarled and strange. I love the deep aubergine colour!

Alliums and Salvia in the left border (ignore the dead Tulips and Anemone in the pot!)

I went a little Allium happy in the right border last Autumn… Looks amazing though!