Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Safari - end of month

*Edited to add end of month, I didn't realise the date when I posted!

I’ve noticed over the weeks that the Snowdrops seem to have quite a lot of variation, one in particular seems to be quite yellow rather than green:



Clematis buds are getting larger, ‘willy’ is just getting started, but ‘blue eyes’ is much more advanced (not shown)

The white heather is almost finished, am I supposed to trim it after flowering?

Rhubarb, shame I don’t eat it! I usually give it away to friends/colleagues

A variety of Crocus are still flowering, ‘Miss Vain’ has pretty much finished for now but I think more are coming up.

‘Prinz Clauz’

On Thursday we had our first Bees visiting… A bumble and what I believe is a Honey Bee.

The Bumble even checked out the vent as a good home… I wonder if she liked it in there.

Poor photo of Honey Bee

I managed to find some Primula Vulgaris, at last… The sun made it difficult to catch the colour properly though - trust me, they are yellowy.

I also got these nice Dianthus as a contrast to the Primula, again the colour isn’t quite right. They’re a deep wine red.

Oh yes, and we have blossom!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Flaunt your Flowers for Fertilizer Friday

This week I thought I would participate in Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt your flowers, so much is changing at the moment, there will be lots of photos over the coming weeks as more growth appears, this week has been exciting due to the appearance of many Allium all over the borders, however they will not flower for another couple of months.

Iris reticulata ‘Pauline’ has come into flower

Alliums are popping up everywhere, I think this has had babies because I know I didn’t plant three so close together!

Alliums and Tulipa ‘Turkestanica’ in the new border

The Crocus Tommasinianus has also reproduced I believe, I’m sure I didn’t have any nice groups like this last year – they were most disappointing.
I have fallen in love with the beautiful purple and think I will get more in Autumn!

‘Miss Vain’ has been out in force

Winter Jasmine

Sedum is growing well, I will have to protect it from the slugs!

Crocus ‘Snowbunting’ is coming into bloom, sadly I seem to have planted them all in difficult positions so I can’t get very good photos…

Rhubarb leaves are appearing!

And Hawthorn buds are fattening, I can’t wait for them to open! I love nothing more than the shade of green of new Hawthorn leaves.

If you'd like to participate in Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your Flowers, please pop over to Tootsie Time

Monday, 21 February 2011

Macro Monday - Worshipping Snowdrops

More appear each day, lots of patches all around :)

It's so very dreary here today, these are helping brighten an otherwise terrible start to the week!