Monday, 1 August 2011

End of Month – July

Apologies, I forgot yet again that it was the end of the month…

Nothing has changed since I last updated on the garden, I don’t actually think anything has come into bloom that wasn’t in the last one… I’m not so sure it’s worthwhile posting anything to be honest.

It’s been just so incredibly dry here, there are garden jobs I need to do plants that need planting and I’ve been waiting for a wet spell to do it, but just never happens and the ground is so hard. Last week I think it was, I decided to bite the bullet and move some Asters that were down near the kitchen in the Buddleja border so I could then plant the new Geranium… Well neither spade nor fork could get any deeper than an inch. In the end I had to soak it for half an hour and then go back later.

Veronicastrum is coming to its end… I hope next year they will make more of a statement.

Monkshood too is not far off finishing, I think I will chop it back when it does.

Stipa is looking very pretty and whispy

I came across this beautiful moth last week… Something must’ve disturbed it out of its hiding place

Oh yes I need to get back on track, this is an end of month view!

The flat-topped Aster seems to be in full flow… Of course it’s nice that it’s already blooming, however I am worried that at this rate I’ll have nothing in September/October because it’s bloomed so early.

The grass is gradually getting worse, I’ve given it a quick watering but it still needs a good drench.

And I’ll leave you with Cotoneaster berries ripening…

And a view taken from an upstairs window… This isn’t a photo I take often enough, although now it’s largely blocked by the Buddleja being in bloom.

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Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

How strange....your garden is far more advanced than mine.
I have no blooms on my aconitum, asters are only just beginning to bloom and my echinacea's have disappeared!!!!

When I first saw that moth, I was quite taken aback, I thought it was a silk moth. I do not think they are found in the wild anymore. After carefully studying it, it is very similar but not 'one'. Lovely capture though.

Understand re soil: I have been adding lost of manure after we have heavy showers. I shall add more in September....I need to do this to make it easier for me and the plants :) I have found gardening this year very difficult.

Have a lovely week.

patientgardener said...

Oh dear you sound fed up. I'm sure the weather will break soon and then you will be rushing around.

I have that white aster or at least one very similar and it is also flowering. I bought it this time last year and I remember it was in flower then as well. I think it is an early one as my other asters arent in bud yet
Thanks for joining in again

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'm surprised your Aconitum isn't yet blooming; that seems quite late, perhaps you have a later variety?

This Flat-topped Aster did the same last year but I think it only started in mid July, this year it was late June/early July that it decided to bloom and it's supposed to be an August-October bloomer... My other Asters are still a bit off blooming though thankfully. But it does mean that 'new' border will be very boring once the Monkshood and Aster have finished.

We haven't been having the heavy showers - that's the prob, we had a very quick 5 minute sprinkle yesterday and I think before that it was probably a week ago.
I have lots of seedlings that need planting, but I know if I do plant them they'll just end up frazzling away and really struggling; at least whilst they're down on the decking near me, I'm more likely to tend to them.

Liz said...

Hi Helen,

Haha, I am very fed up actually; as wonderful as it is getting outside most days, I just can't actually really get any jobs done other than pruning and dead-heading.
I haven't mown the lawn in weeks and weeks now, although my front lawn does need a good trim as it doesn't get as much sun so is managing to stay relatively green compared to the back.

Yeah I think this Aster is an earlier bloomer, but from what I remember it's supposed to be August-October and this year we got our first blooms in either late June or early July! I transplanted some to a different border and would like to move more but everything is struggling because it's too dry. So it'll have to wait.

Lona said...

What a pretty little moth Liz. You have some beautiful blooms in your garden now. I really like the Monkshood.I think I need to sow some seed next spring. My garden is struggling along now in this heat. Hopefully we will all get a break soon.

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Liz - my flat topped asters are also nearly done - and my garden is bone dry too!
We got given quite a few plants as presents at our party and the total lack of rain since then has been a bit of a wotsit!
I had to soak the soil for ages yesterday just to be able to plant the sweetest little twisted willow tree in the Japanese garden!

Those Monkshoods are lovely and the photos of the moth are fabby!

Hope to see you on Thursday!? :)

easygardener said...

The moth is fascinating. It looks like a Swallowtailed moth. Only guessing because I noticed a picture like yours when I was trying to find out the name of a white moth in my garden.
It is dry here too but my soil is so light that water disappears in an instant. At least it is easy to dig.
I am finding it easier to sit staring at the garden rather than working in it!

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Sorry to hear you sounding so naffed off Liz. If it is any comfort, your Veronicastrum has flowered far longer than mine did, and you still have some lovely things in full bloom. The moth is amazing BTW I am glad you sneaked it in! Not much point fighting the rock hard ground, you'd only have to spend even more time watering if you did plant. Its a frustrating business, this gardening game, at times. Hope something cheers you up soon. It does get rather tedious, watering lots of pots to keep things you can't plant yet going - lots of that going on here too. Hate to see the water bill this year...

Anonymous said...

The picture with the aconitum and poppy seed heads is beautiful! I love and love that white aster of yours, I must find it somewhere...
Is that veronicastrum a 'Fascination'? Mine have finished one month ago and I have long pea green seed heads left. The white form is in bloom now though. Weather and season are really odd this year, worldwide I think.