Friday, 26 August 2011

A Quick Breather

Those days really are creeping by at the moment… Who’d have thought the last week would’ve gone so quickly?

Miscanthus sinesis ‘flamingo’ is a new addition, and once the ground is soft enough for me to work I’ll attempt to find it a home.

Gaillardia is also new, it was cheap as it’s somewhat damaged – I initially assumed it had bloomed and was dying. But actually there are buds beginning to flower.

The Geranium given to me in July (?) seems to be happy and is already expanding with some leaves growing a good distance away from the crown.

A forget-me-not has a few blooms on it… brightens up and otherwise shady area.

Chives have another flush of blooms

Gatekeepers are still out and about, although not quite in such high numbers as a few weeks ago.

Dianthus bought so long ago now it’s a hazy memory continue to bloom. Very nice!

The Gaura on the bottom appears to have too many petals… Seems like it’s two blooms in one…

The chopped Salvia is also on its second flush, sadly the other plants are not doing quite so well and I don’t think they'll put on another show for me.

I checked up on the caterpillars… One’s disappeared, I assume it’s gone off to pupate.

And this is the most exciting of the moment…
It’s the Tuberous Thistle, I had assumed I’d missed the blooms for this year as I didn’t plant it until quite late. But both plants now have buds on them… I’m hoping they’ll be out when the Commas emerge!

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Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

Tuberous thistle, how lovely. I am a great fan of thistles.
I do hope it opens soon and the Comma's are able to enjoy her.

Like me, you seem to be having a second flush with some of your plants. Always good when that happens. I like to keep the garden going for as long as I can....hopefully into October and possibly a little beyond.

After seeing your images I thought I would try Gaura again in the garden. I always lose them....but I have been especially careful with the planting this time, so fingers crossed.

Love your Susan's? Mine have done well and add a welcome splash of colour in the borders.

All those lovely caterpillars.....what a joy to behold. Wish they were here but so pleased to see them in your garden (I know you will take care of them :)

When you have a mo, do pop over and see what I have found in the copse. Just amazing.....

Janet said...

You have so many plants still in flower, Liz. So many of ours are looking a bit the worse for wear now.We don't see either gatekeepers or commas up here. Please post a photo of the commas on the thistle if you get the chance.

patientgardener said...

I always love your photos they are so atmospheric

VW said...

I love the lighting in these photos. How nice to have a few things in bloom - my backyard is very low on flowers right now. I haven't been good at catching the dry areas with the hose and giving compost or fertilizer this summer, and it's showing.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Yum, I love Miscanthus sinesis ‘flamingo’ - I suspect that you will spend many an hour photographing that in different lights and weather
Great images Liz

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I also have a Brook Thistle which bloomed a good while ago, no sign of new blooms on it, but there is plenty of fresh growth so perhaps we'll get something late on.

I do dead-head a lot and have been having flushes for a while... Sadly the purple Lupin didn't have one but the other has, although I have now allowed it to go to seed. Next year I hope to have more Lupins as I found three seedlings this year and have raised them to nice little plants now.

This year I lost a few Gaura in winter, so have had to buy three more. But usually they do survive here; I was surprised to have lost so many actually! Only the one survived. So I'm hoping that we won't have another hard winter... *touches wood*

It would be excellent if I got to see one of the Commas emerging... But I don't think luck is quite so kind to me. It would be amazing though...

Liz said...

Hi Janet,

Very few plants are looking bad so far; which is a surprise considering how dry it's been. But the garden isn't looking as good as I'd generally expect at this time of year; I think it's a lack of Scabious as I lost them all in winter, and although I did grow some from seed, they're not as large or have as many blooms as they do when they're a couple of years old. Hopefully next year I'll have a better show.

Liz said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos :)

Liz said...

Hi VW,

We're low on blooms too, at least that's always how it feels! There's always next year!!
I don't give my plants anything other than water... lol, oops. Although I did give most of the borders a layer of compost and bark in early spring...

Liz said...

Hi Karen,

Ooooh, I'm glad you like the Miscanthus... I'm trying to decide where to put it, as it was somewhat of an impulse buy. Definitely somewhere that I can photograph from different angles ;)