Wednesday, 27 July 2011

More Butterflies I’m afraid

Last week we had an amazing day of flutters, and naturally I had to spend most of my day stalking them.

We’ll start with this large moth; I don’t know which type it is though

We had Green-Veined Whites


Gatekeepers arguing along the hedge

Small Tortoiseshells

Large and Small Whites


And then just as I was sat hoping for Small Coppers like last year and wondering whether I’d see any more Skippers along came these: Small Skippers

They’re so dinky and cute

And if I hadn’t sang praises enough for Erysimum yet… Almost every species of flutter I’ve had this year has fed off it!

It had a little sunbathe on the Lupin

And then the Coreopsis ‘early sunrise’.

Sadly I didn’t manage to get a shot of them together before they chased each other away.

We did also have Meadow Brown, Speckled wood and my first Red Admiral that I didn't manage to snap a photo of!

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PatioPatch said...

How can you apologise for such eye candy. Heartening to see butterflies in all their glorious detail

Lona said...

Oh Liz what beautiful pictures. I love the markings of the Comma's and I have never saw the Peacock before. How pretty it is. Those are some great macros.

NellJean said...

You're really up close and personal with these butterflies. Beautiful work.

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Truly stunning images Liz, wonderful detail, and so many kinds! A tribute to your stalking abilities and to your garden.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

So pleased to see so many butterflies in your garden.
Why are you apologising? I agree with Laura.....

I am quite worried about the lack of butterflies here. It has been so dull and damp this last week.
Hopefully the hot week that is due will bring them back to the garden.

Lovely to see yours :)

Liz said...

Hi Laura,

We're having a real bumper year for the flutters, I just wish we had more of the 'big' ones and still no sign of Painted Ladies.

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Thanks, I'm loving going out and seeing Butterflies fluttering around the garden, I almost can't walk anywhere without upsetting some. Sadly I know it'll be all too soon before they're gone again, but for now I'll take full advantage of their presence.

Liz said...

Hi NJ,

Thanks, often at this time of year they are much easier to photograph; earlier on in the season I was really struggling trying to get them.

Liz said...

Hi Janet,

As always I'd love to have more; but right now I cannot complain as I have way more than some. I think we're lucky actually and it's yet another reason I don't want to move; Butterflies and Birds.

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry to hear you have so few Butterflies, we've had dull weather here but still no rain. Actually that's a lie; a couple of days ago it was looking very stormy, I went out to water the garden regardless and it was lightly spitting but never actually rained. It's so, so dry. I went to a concert last sunday and we had to park on grass next to the arena and it was like a dust bowl and I think if my lawn was flat then it too would be just as dry. I think I'll water the garden again this evening.

I have more flutter photos to come - Skippers returned and I've been trying to get shots of one of the Meadow Browns.. We've also had a Red Admiral for the past few days.