Saturday, 23 January 2010

Spring is on its way!

Ok, so I have nothing to report back on. Only that I am very excited to see the days gradually lengthening, I am almost at a point of being able to walk to/from work again - and boy is it needed since the buses in Sheffield are extortionate!! I can go much further for less in London. It's a joke, and also a rant for another time and place.
I just need to get used to my new boots before I attempt walking because no doubt I'll get half way and my feet will die on me.

Yesterday I found this guy, standing out like a gem. It was too late for me to attempt photos so I had to wait until today.

Who’d have thought a Caterpillar going into a chrysalis at this time of year?!

As far as I am aware all my plants survived the snow, however I haven't actually taken a stroll around the garden yet to find out, but all the plants close to the house and in pots on the decking seem to be ok.
Even the campanula hasn't wilted away under the snow/ice for 5 days… Still seemingly fresh as a daisy! I think I can spot roses in the front garden too, but they may well be mummified…

Definite signs of spring are all around me, buds, bulbs and lengthening days. It’s so exciting and I really need to get the veggie seeds – tomatoes, spinach and lettuce mixes.

Aquilegia leaves

Geranium ‘ballerina’

Blackcurrant buds

These are supposed to be white Foxgloves… looking suspiciously un-foxglovish!

Salvia need potting on now I think!

More flowers have appeared on the Hellebore

It won’t be long until the Crocus come out

The pink Aquilegia… Perhaps it’s time to clear up all the dead growth


The scabious doesn’t seem to have died… In fact none have??

Raspberry buds

Tulips and Snowdrops

Drumstick Allium and Crocus

New Lupin growth


Carol said...

What wonderful stirrings of spring you have Liz! Your chrysalis might be one of the kind that over winters in this state (pupa or chrysalis)... you have a great eye to see this jewel! So lovely and surprising to see! ;>)

Pete said...

roll on spring!! and sun!!!

Anna said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay - isn't all exciting to see :)

Helen said...

They look like foxglove seedlings to me -- but the (smoother leaved) perennial rather than (fuzzier leaved) biennial variety. Nice to see all the signs of spring. Of course, we're "a few weeks" behind you, if by "few" I mean "many."

Joanne said...

Lots happening there then I acyually did some gardening the last two days and it is the best tonic to see so much beginning to shoot.

Cheryl said... great to see that goes on....

You certainly do have a lot of movement in your garden...lovely to see. Foxglove, I don't think so!!!
Glad you are enjoying the hellebore....mine have buds but seem reluctant to bloom. Oh well.

Liz said...

Hi Carol,

This time of year is all very exciting, I do love spring and cannot wait to get out into the garden, sowing seeds.

I think the caterpillar is going to be some sort of boring brown moth... Still very surprising to see it, especially after all the snow.

Liz said...

Hi Pete,

Indeed, spring, sun, and new life! I cannot wait for the fresh vibrant greens of spring :)

Liz said...

Hi Anna,

Yep, very exciting!

Sometimes I wonder whether I'm checking the bulbs a little too often... Then you know that one day they'll suddenly all explode into colour!

Liz said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks! I've never had the perennial type before and didn't realise the leaves would be any different to the biennials...

Sorry to hear you don't yet have yours coming up? Are there no bulbs on their way at all??

Liz said...

Hi Joanne,

Lucky you getting out into the garden, I've popped out a few times but haven't get got my hands dirty. If next weekend is nice I'll be tidying up and hope to go pick up some seeds, compost and such ready for the season ahead :)

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

Quite how the caterpillar survived the snow, I'm unsure and no doubt it'll emerge into a rather boring moth... I wonder how long they take...

I'm unsure about the 'Foxglove', Helen said it looks to be one of the perennial type but I have no experience of the perennial Foxgloves.
If it isn't then someone at RHS Wisley needs to learn their plants! So glad I paid more than needed for the wrong thing... Hmph.

My dry root Hellebores still haven't come up, looks like I won't be seeing them year... I hope I don't accidentally throw them away during the year!

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz....perennial foxglove, hadn't thought of that. Could be right......will be fun waiting to find out.....

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I've had a look around on google and found images which do look very similar, I can't remember the latin name of the Foxgloves I sowed though and feeling a little too lazy at the moment to go find out.

For example the seedlings on this page do look almost the same.

Looking forward to having the white ones, I think I'll have a fair few Foxgloves this year... No real problem as they are very pretty.

Miranda Bell said...

Hi Liz - good to see all the new signs of life coming in your garden - we're about the same here - had a lovely time out in the garden yesterday and even the sun came out for an hour or two! Loads of birds were feeding yesterday too - more than usual - I'm wondering if it's going to get cold again... have a good week - Miranda

shirl said...

Hi again Liz, great to see the new growth in your Sheffield garden :-D

We'll be a couple of weeks behind you but you have me fancying a stroll now myself. We have had some damage so must get out and get it cut back soon. Have a good week :-D