Tuesday, 7 April 2009

New Visitor

I’ve suspected for a while that my garden is actually a Spring/Summer garden and my theory has now been confirmed. My bird numbers have improved, and on Sunday morning I had been thinking back to last year when we had quite a few Greenfinch, and that they hadn’t yet returned.

Well, Sunday evening, there they were. I guess at around 5/6, as there were also some on the ground around the feeders. It wasn’t so easy to count with Goldies flying back and forth and lots of arguing :)

Also, something else exciting – for me at least.

Today I saw my first ever Siskin! Woo hoo. Just the lone male, and I hope he tells his friends about my garden :)

Another observation, I seem to have lost my Coal tits, however last year we didn’t get them until later in the summer, so I’m not particularly worried yet. At least the LTT’s, Blue and Great tits are still visiting regularly, all of which arrived at a similar time to the Coal tits.

I’ve had Starlings gathering nest material in the form of debris from the Montbretia leaves I ripped out a few weeks ago. I’ve never had Starlings on the lawn, although they are in the area, they never seem to come onto my lawn. Strange.

Now I just need a new and interesting species, like Lesser Redpoll to visit me! :D

Of course, I would never turn down a Nuthatch or Goldcrest! *dreams*

Flock of Greenies with more on the ground hovering up the dropped seeds (and a rogue Goldie and Bullfinch)


Something scared him, so he watched from a neighbour’s tree ( a long distance away)

Collared Dove, Siskin, Bullfinch and Wren in the background

Goldie, Bullie, Siskin, Collared Dove


Joe said...


Nice posting here, and I enjoyed looking at your garden visitors. Well done for the new sighting. We got our first Siskin sighting just a couple of weeks ago too, but both male and female visited our garden. Just out of interest, do you get Bullfinches visiting often? We only get about 1 visit a year.

Liz said...

Thank you Joe, glad you've also had Siskins :) It seems everyone was having them except for me!

Yes I get Bullfinch regularly and during late July/August they become my most frequent visitors, with barely 30 minutes passing without seeing them. Due to the high number of visits it leads me to believe I have more than one pair coming, and when we had Fledglings in late August/September I noticed I definitely had two different males as one had very poor plumage and the other looked fine.

Then add in the male caught by a Sprawk in early summer and that's at least three pairs (the female was hanging around seemingly looking for him :( )

Tricia said...

Great to hear that your birds are returning Liz and a goodly selection too. Lovely to get the siskin!

ShySongbird said...

Well done on the Siskin Liz, we had two or three for a few days last Winter but none this year. Nuthatch, Redpoll, Goldcrest oh I wish!!