Thursday, 23 April 2009

Nice Surprise

Very exciting, I had another new visitor!

At first I thought it was a Sparrow and then could make out some stripes on its side so thought perhaps it was a Juvenile Greenfinch, but it was fairly small and I thought it was rather early for a Juvenile yet.

I took some photos so I could zoom in and confirm what bird it was.

Well, you’ll never guess!

A Lesser Redpoll!

I had seen some on Sunday on my ‘Local Patch’ when having a guided tour with another local Birder. I never expected to actually have one visiting.

Honestly, I cannot believe the species I’ve been getting. They just continue to surprise me, and yet the species I long for the most – Nuthatch is still evading me :(


Pete said...

very nice. espesh for April!!

Tricia said...

Well done Liz. Isn't it great to get a new bird. I had a less Redpoll in my garden for the first time too - just a few weeks ago.

What makes a species of bird suddenly decide to visit us I wonder?

I've been watching my garden birds for about 6 years and last year had Bramblings for the first time and now the Redpolls.

I wonder what you'll get next?

Joe said...

Hi, great sighting there. Nice to hear that you are attracting more and more birds to your garden.

ShySongbird said...

I would so love to see any species of Redpoll in the garden, the Lesser is another one on the amber list although thankfully it's numbers are improving.
The Nuthatch has been number one on my wish list for ages now, maybe... one day!

Liz said...

Pete – Thanks! :D Although I don’t know much about Redpoll, I did think it was odd and Dave (birder) was also surprised to see them and seemed rather impressed that they were around.

Tricia – Exactly, what is it that makes them come? I assume these were passing through, although must have hung around in the area for at least 3 days and I think have moved on as no more sightings since.

I’m hoping I get my Nuthatches next, although have very little hope of that ever happening. I have no doubt they’re in the area!

Joe – Thank you muchly, I ought to update my species list sometime :)

SS – Yep I’d seen the Redpoll was on the amber list, but didn’t realise its numbers were increasing. Good news though!

Yoke, said...

Well done, Liz! I had some last year but only managed -long distance-photo of its side and back! so I'm very jealous of your pics.

Hope it stays around. Perhaps breed in the area?