Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Well, I’m in a good mood for once!

Came home, although somewhat dull and overcast, it’s fairly warm and don’t really need a coat. Out I went to check on the plants, see of any of the Daffodils have finally opened and such. Lots of birds around singing, and BB was putting on a glorious show. I just had to sit outside and listen to his serenade.

It’s not often I hear him singing, strangely enough. Probably because my hearing is so poor, and the song reminds me of being at home, growing up. I’d hear it all the time, makes me wish I was still young. Fond memories.


And I’ll leave you with some spring photos:






Cheryl said...

Lovely photographs....isn't it wonderful to see the new growth peeping through the soil....

It was warm here today although rather cloudy at times......

ShySongbird said...

Very nice photos, it is so nice to see everything bursting forth and to have the weather a little milder.

shirl said...

Excellent Liz! Your photos will put everyone in a good mood :-D

I have to admit as much as the colour of Spring flowers is wonderful and very welcome, Spring to me is the new plant growth emerging and leaves uncurling. Enjoy the rest of your week :-D

Tricia said...

Great pictures Liz and there's nothing so magical as the Blackbird's song!

Liz said...

Cheryl - Spring is by far my favourit season, I get so excited to see the life growing around me, everything suddenly becomes a wonderful vibrant green and is very much appreciated after Winter.

SS - Thank you very much, I can't get enough of staring at my plants... I'm sure my neighbours worry about me, the crazy plant lady! haha.
A house I lived in a few years ago was a terrace with a small back yard, there was a walkway past the house so we regularly had our neighbours walk past... One time she pointed out to me staring at them won't make them grow faster! Lol.
I'm just intrigued at how things grow, and probably why I love my Macro so much :)

Shirl - Thank you for checking out my blog, much appreciated [:
I'm getting lazy with the photos and often don't post many of them... It's tough sometimes to have the time to!

Tricia - Indeed, I've been enjoying the BB's song almost every day since I posted this blog! It is wonderful! And I think I'm getting to grips with Robin, Dunnock, Wren songs... It's amazing how regularly I hear the Wren, yet rarely see it :(