Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Pigeon

I did plan on writing a totally different blog, but it’ll have to wait.

Pete accidentally disturbed a Sprawk from killing its prey – a Feral Pigeon. As its injuries seemed to look minimal I decided to put it in a box where it could recover from shock - if it was in shock, obviously.

I decided to post on a forum asking for help, expecting someone to tell me if I should release it again rather than keeping it.

From what I could see there was a small amount of blood, only on its back. The breast seemed fine, but there did appear to be a large amount of feathers around.

It has some raspberries and some crumbed up bun, I’ll check tomorrow morning and hopefully it will have eaten something.

The plan is to try releasing it in the summer house to see if it’s able to fly, earlier when I checked on it, one wing was being held slightly lower than the other – but not dragged on the ground. I will check the wing before I allow it to try flying. If it is able to fly then I can leave the doors open to allow it to fly out as it wishes.

If it can’t fly…Well, I have no idea, we’ll have to try dealing with that if it happens.


ShySongbird said...

Hi Liz, I read this post about the pigeon on the day you posted it and have been checking back, I'm glad I didn't find the poor thing, it would have worried the life out of me. I hardly dare ask if there is good news?

Liz said...

Hi SS,

After much phoning around and being passed everywhere I tried the RSPCA and they gave me the details of a local vet who would take the pigeon in and check it over.

The vet wasn't in at the time I took it down but the receptionist said if it was ok they'd pass it onto a local rescue. As far as I know he should be there recovering as his injuries were very minor.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz.....I have had many feral pigeons taken by the sparrowhawk.....
I must say it does keep the numbers down....and I would rather have a sparrowhawk.

I think you did so well to help the injured bird. I would have done the same.....I cannot bear anything suffering......