Sunday, 1 February 2009

Where does it go?

Is it February already??

I can’t believe where it’s gone!

I must’ve had my head in a hole somewhere, because I swear it can’t be.

I’m struggling at the moment, I feel really down and gloomy. I missed Christmas, I don’t know where it went. I think it’s because I was ill, so all the little things I have to do in order to feel Christmassy were missed and then wham, it’s gone.

Seriously, I need to grow up.

So, anyway, it was warm. Yesterday was a lovely spring day, a touch windy at times but for the most part very nice. We made our way to the park where we used to live – I needed to go to pets at home for some bird seed. What a wasted trip. They don’t do the RSPB bird mix anymore. Very annoyed. I wanted the ground food, as it doesn’t have loads of grains and rubbish added in that the birds don’t eat and you then end up with a barley field in your garden…
There was very little in the park, but that’s because Pete and my brother took so blimmin’ long to get out of the house that by the time we got there it was midday. A bad time in general for bird watching. So no Nuthatch for me :( Actually, we barely saw anything, we could hear them though!

We found the city farm, had a poke around although at this time of year it’s hardly surprising that there wasn’t much to see. They sell plants there, so I think I’ll get some from there in a few weeks rather than lining the pockets of some large garden chain. These plants are obviously grown/potted by them at the farm, so I think it’s far more worth it. I plan on picking up a campanula or two, berberis and honeysuckle. I have a few roots/corns I need to plant too; Coneflower, Sea Holly, Salvia, Hollyhock, Primula and some other plant I forget the name of.

We’ve had snow today, although it didn’t settle until fairly late on, it’d been mixed with sun for the most part. There were a few visitors, and I threw out extra food on the ground. I didn’t get to watch the feeder for long, as ma and pa came round, closely followed by my brother and the baby- flying visit, hardly a surprise! Hmmm.

Not many signs of spring so far here, the bulbs are still poking their heads out – which they have been since October/November. They’re now behind last year, as I have photos of the Iris out around the 23rd/24th January. However, I noticed the Hybrid bluebells are coming up, some are quite big. So that’s one good sign at least. (of course I’ll cut their stems off so they don’t hybridise with my real English Bluebells (Hyacinthoides Nonscripta)
One thing I noticed when walking to the park, a fair few gardens had been weeded/dug over. It surprised me actually as I thought the ground was still too hard, I guess that’s my key to go out and do some myself. Although I am procrastinating a wee bit until I get the fence sorted then I’ll start work on the other stuff.

Ah yes, and I've given up on getting a new kitchen for now. I'm thinking with all the redundancies and such it's better off used as an emergency if the worst should happen to either of us. So that's at least a bit of a relief, I can start spending again on all those things I've been putting off for months now...

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