Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Waxwings in Sheffield

So, I saw a flock of Waxwing again today on my way home, I’m glad to see they’re still around! If anyone is from Sheffield and happening to read this I saw them just behind the large B&Q warehouse on Queen's Road, they were headed towards the city centre from there. A flock of around 40, I assume the same flock I saw a couple of weeks ago during the snow.

If only some would breed here – preferably in my back garden :D


Tricia said...

Liz = could you spare a few to come down south to my way?

Must be lovely to see so many of them :D

Pete said...

nice. I had heard they were still about

Liz said...

Tricia, sure you can have some, right after they've perched nicely in front of one of my windows for at least a couple of hours so I can see them fully :D

I haven't seen them since, but that's hardly a surprise!

Tricia said...

Thanks Liz :D Very generous - I'll keep my eyes open for them.

Liz said...

De Rien Tricia :)

In a few years time when my Cotoneasters and Pyracanthus are larger, so really hope they pay me a visit!!