Thursday, 22 January 2009

Desert Island Plant Challenge

Now, I haven’t been able to spend too long thinking about this as it’s been surprisingly busy at work recently… You mean, I actually had to do something??! :D

If you'd like to take part, skip over to Shirl at:
Shirl's Gardenwatch

Ok, so I’m thinking I’d take:


This is a great all round tree, it offers protection for birds and other wildlife. It also attracts wildlife with the flowers and pollen and then the berries later on in Autumn.
You can use it as a hedge, or have a wonderful tree.

Angel’s fishing rod

A lovely romantic flower, and as I love the romantic/wild gardens this is the best (no photo I'm afraid, mine didn't flower last year - obviously bought it too late on). This then has to be combined with:

Purple Moor Grass

Oh I can see it now, I think I’d be in heaven – as long as it’s permanently summer and lovely and warm. A field of these two would just look so magical.


tina said...

All very interesting plants. I love the hawthorn and purple moor grass, though I've never heard of an Angel's Fishing rod but it must be special for you to take it along.

shirl said...

Hi again Liz, sorry my ship was delayed by a few hours ;-)

Loving the sound of your Island! You’ve thought of birds and wildlife too. I considered sneaking a packet of wildflower meadow mix in my pocket ;-)

Angel’s fishing rod and Purple Moor grass sound pretty special to me too. It has been great fun seeing all the choices and hearing about them too.

I am guessing you’ll be doing the bird count this weekend – have fun with that too :-D

Frances said...

Hi Liz, I am so excited with what you will be bringing to the island, so thoughtful of you to remember the birds too. I started seeds of the angel's fishing rods last year, they are in the garden surviving our cold winter still showing green sword like leaves. I read about them in Helen Dillon's book Down To Earth. It is good to know they go well with the purple moor grass, thanks!
Frances at Fairegarden

Layanee said...

Sounds like a nice island with those choices.

Gail said...

I had to look up Angel's Fishing Rod...they are sweet flowers. I love being able to imagine them! Purple Moor Grass and hawthorn are both perfect picks for the island.


Dawn said...

I've never heard of the angel fishing rod either. Great choices on the others, soft bedding with shade!

easygardener said...

I too like hawthorn and it looks good over most of the year. I also love the movement in flowering grasses. My Angel's Fishing Rod was moved 3 years ago and it has refused to flower ever since. I'm crossing my fingers for this year!

Liz said...

Tina - Thank you, indeed Angel's fishing rod is amazing [:

Shirl - I think I'll be sneaking a wildflower meadow mix in too, a meadow would probably be my biggest dream. Just if I were able to create one here...
I will try to do the bird count, it's proving difficult because I'm unable to see the ground by the feeder to be sure of the true count of birds in the garden...

Frances - After your mentioning the Angel's fishing rod surving the cold weather I checked on mine today and it seems to be just fine. It's not close to the house so won't be protected from the frosts we've been having. I look forward to it flowering this year!

Liz said...

Layanee - Thank you for checking out my choices, I'm glad you enjoyed them [:

Gail & Dawn - Thank you for the commment, I'm glad you liked my choices. Angel's fishing rod is a must for any romantic/wild/cottage garden!

Easygardener - Oh, sorry to hear about your fishing rod! Hmmm, I'll keep it in mind for if I ever want to move mine (may be likely, since I want to put a large fence in and I've planted to the back of the border where the fence will go...) I hope yours flowers this year!