Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow visitors

The snow is still here, far too much of it, and I’m tired of ranting about it now! Haha!

Recently we’ve had Song Thrush visiting, I think we have more than one but I’m not entirely sure as they’re still very nervous and won’t come close or fly off as soon as they/it sees me.

Lots of BB’s visiting, probably thanks to my sunflower hearts I put out for them on the walls/steps.

The sun has been brilliant for the past couple of days and a fair bit of the snow has melted, especially off the rooftops. However it seems to have made little impact on the snow on the grass, it’s just too deep to see a massive difference yet. I had a clear a path up the garden to the feeders so I no longer have to wear wellies just to refill.

Supposedly we’re to expect some tomorrow according to Pete, although when I looked a couple of days ago it was supposed to be fine.

If it snows again I might just scream very loudly.

Instead I’m going to hope for lots of rain, obviously only during the night, then we can have lovely sunshine during the day – been nice and warm sitting in it!

And because snow is so beautiful…

I threw out a lot of sunflower hearts for the birds last night, and then this morning had the ground feeder inside keeping out of the snow and filled it with some more after brushing away a lot of the ice snow off the pots and plants.

This morning I decided to go onto the main road, hang around for 10 minutes or so and if a bus didn't arrive then I'd set off home.
Sadly one did arrive within a few minutes, but everything was pretty much crawling and I was very glad I'd put my wellies on.

It's sunny at the moment, hopefully it'll melt a fair portion of the snow, as I don't want it to damage the plants, nor do I want to walk home on ice.


Tricia said...

I can fully empathise with your tiredness of the snow Liz. It may look beautiful and make for great pictures but......

Goodly collection of garden visitors.

Our snow has now more-or-less all gone now and I'm not sorry! I think Pete is right although in my area it's more likely to be sleet!

Liz said...

Well, it's snowed again, joy of all joys.

Town is terrible, sleet coming down, slushy and nasty. By the time I got home it was real snow, not too deep but at least I wasn't slushing around and it had stopped, so didn't need the brolly and such. However, at least the snow is gone there, so I'm not sure which I'd prefer.
Actually, I'd prefer the snow was gone!

We actually had more birds than I showed... Tits - great, blue and coal.

Dunnock, Wren, Bullies, Sparrows, Chaffinches too.

Patsi said...

Love your pictures.
The long tailed tit is so cute.
Enjoyed touring through your blog.