Sunday, 21 December 2008


I thought I should probably post something at least, even though very little is happening…

For the past couple of days I’ve been ill, it started on Thursday at work. I noticed my nose was a bit runny – although not actually needing to wipe my nose as such, suddenly at lunch time my nose dripped without any warning. Alarm bells rang and I went out on the hunt for balm tissues knowing what was coming.

Finally 4pm arrived and I was out of the office like a shot to take a bus as quickly as possible to begin pumping drugs into my system.

I had planned on going into work on Friday because I didn’t want to miss the last day before Christmas – lots of people are off next week so wanted to be able to wind down and relax. I’m in only on Monday, as decided to take Tuesday off as I didn’t fancy working pretty much on my own for two days with no one to talk to.

Friday morning arrived and I got up at my usual time to assess the situation with a view to going into work at the latest point I could and again running at 4 – lots of flexi built up so can afford to have a short working day.

It was quite obvious that wasn’t going to happen as my nose and eyes were still constantly running.

One highlight of being home was the visit from a flock of LTT’s,

So from Tuesday I have almost two weeks off over Christmas – so there is a good reason to work at a University!

Saturday we went out for our Christmas meal with most of the immediate family including uncles and their wives – not often we all get together. This Christmas meal actually turned into pretty much a normal meal as mum had booked it incorrectly, or the person on the phone had misunderstood I’m not sure. *and here I was saying to people it was odd we hadn’t been asked to book our food and put down a deposit. Now I know why!*
So it was a chance to see my grandparents before Christmas as we don’t get to see them on the day, we also got to see William as they’re spending Christmas with my brother’s wife’s parents before going up to Cumbria for a wedding on Saturday. Of course he was dressed up as Rudolph – why else would anyone have children if they couldn’t be dressed up as reindeer or Christmas puddings? :D

Today has been a relaxing day, I finally feel better other than living off Sudafed as my head hurts from the pressure. It’s been fairly mild, there was some sun but it dulled over and ended up raining. I managed to plant some bulbs early on though – tulip, snowdrops, anemone and iris.
Foxy has attacked some of my other pots too, still unsure what he’s going for. Does he want the bulbs? If so, why doesn’t he go for the smaller pots which must be far easier to get at the bulbs than the larger ceramic pots?? I don’t get it. Fairly annoyed at having to push the cyclamen back in though when he does!

Well, if I don’t see you before Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time spending it with those you love.


shirl said...

Hi there Liz :-)

Sorry to hear you've been unwell :-( Hope you manage to get off the sudafed before Christmas comes. Great you could meet up with family though :-D

Thank-you, wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and all the best for 2009 :-D

BTW just to say I have left a few comments with you (past posts) but, as sometimes happens, they didn't get through the system. Hope this one does :-)

Liz said...

Hi Shirl, thank you for visiting me and posting a comment :)

Ah, no matter, sometimes the internet is a weird place. I think we've all had messages disappear!

I do feel much better today but have run out of sudafed and would really appreciate some more right now. Nothing worse than sitting at work, sniffling, blowing, coughing away and the dry warm air just makes it a whole lot worse.

Pete said...

hope you feel better soon

Liz said...

Thanks Pete, I'm much better today so went to work.

I was shocked just how weak and tired I actually am, just walking home from the bus was difficult (up hill, as expected in sheffield, hmmm)

Yoke, said...

Hope you will feel better soon, Liz. Still, you're looking at some time off work, though the wrong time to feel weak.

LTT's! What a great Christmas present.

Hope you'll syill manage to enjoy Christmas, and happy gardening and wildlife watching in 2009.

Liz said...

Thanks Yoke, it would seem I've passed on my cold to my boyfriend... Whoops.

It's going to be a sombre Christmas with Pete ill, me coughing away and no doubt my parents attempting to keep well away from us!


Oh well, I hope you have a lovely Christmas too and may you have a wonderful visitor tomorrow (Nuthatch??? Treecreeper?? :D)

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz....thank you for dropping by my blog.....

I do hope that your cold is gone and you are ready for New Year.

Long tailed tits are delightful little birds....I just love the soft colours......

I had a fox in the garden the night before last.....
The woodland path had pot holes in it and the soil around the shrubs had been dug away.....there were also two dead birds there....lots of clearing to do yesterday and filling in.....

Still I would not be without the wildlife.......