Sunday, 7 December 2008


Well, this weekend has been somewhat frosty!

Saturday I went to a Carol Service, it’s become a tradition to go. Just a shame it takes all day, as it’s down near Nottingham so must be 30 miles away. I set out of the house at 10:15 and didn’t get back until around 4pm, all that just for an hour actually in the Minster.

We stopped off at Rufford Park too, my favourite park rather than Clumber or Sherwood. I took my Holga along, so will have photos at some point :D

I *think* I heard a Goldcrest, as it wasn’t a song I recognised. Never did see the culprit though, so I can only go by the high-pitched song. There were plenty of tits too, with piles of food on seats around, as well as birds on the lake – swans, moorhens, Canada geese, mallards and other um, water birds lol.

This weekend has brought with it some surprises.

The return of Goldie – been fairly rare since October.
Our first Crow in the garden – usually stick to the trees or rooftops.
Lots of other visitors, we have a number of Robins visiting now too.
Return of Bulliefinch, haven’t seen them since September/October.
Blackbirds finally eating my berries on the Firethorn and Cotoneaster, both are only small shrubs still but have put berries out so it was nice to see them going for them.
And the newbie:

A Chaffinch! Yay. Let’s hope she brings along her friends.

But then she could’ve been visiting for weeks now without me knowing as I never get to watch the birds anyway.

It’s just a shame I’ve been so busy all weekend, as today I’ve been out shopping with my friend and then off to see his parents and to buy our Christmas trees. (they’re like second parents to me, we grew up together. Been friends since we were 4/5)

Today remained pretty frosty, certainly on my road. The sun doesn’t get the chance to melt it – living on the hill is good for the views, not so good this time of year though! Our hoses stop the sun casting onto the road, it’s going to be fun tomorrow morning if the frost is still there, I’ll have to cling to the walls/fences again like last week when it snowed.

Anyone care to guess just exactly what this Blue tit found???

It seemed to find a sunflower heart?? Why was it in the buddleja?? I’m sure you’re aware they’re rather tall shrubs, and this must be 7’ tall, and not even close to the feeding station – it’s down by the house, feeder is at the back of the garden.

Anyway, Robin has been close to the house too this weekend:

Sorry about the poor quality, it wasn’t even fully light when I took them, around 8/9am.


Tricia said...

I really like your sequence of Blue Tit pictures :)

and it certainly has been frosty - but everything looks so pretty in its cold coat though.

Liz said...

I agree Tricia, it feels like Christmas should be. I don't mind as long as it's frosty like this, with that bitter chill. Snow would be better obviously, but frost is ok too, a hoar frost would be so magical!