Thursday, 27 November 2008

Odd morning.

Ok, so perhaps not the most exciting story on the Earth, but:

Walking to work this morning, I often hear birds singing/calling.

I could hear tits either side of me, and was just beginning to consider why birds still alarm call at Humans, even though it's highly unlikely we'll ever catch one(unless you have a gun)...

Suddenly I notice that the calling is very loud in my ear, this continues for a distance and I begin to think to myself:

"Shouldn't that have quietened by now since I walked past the birds?"

I look to my side and there's a flock of tits, following me through the hedges! I stop to look at a LTT, it perches and calls at me. Other tits join it, I assume Blue tits but they were silhouetted against the sun.

Then I move on and they continue to also move. Eventually the hedging ends and their calls fade into the distance.

Very strange! :D

Just wish they were in my garden instead!

1 comment:

shirl said...

Great story Liz! Yes, how stange too :-D