Saturday, 15 November 2008

Successful week?

So, what have I managed to get done this week??

I bought some Cyclamen to go in a pot by the front door, loads of bulbs were then buried beneath – probably too many, but what the heck, I need to use them up!

I also bought a nice hanging basket for the bracket by the front door too, it has some lovely cheerful little violas in it, and as it was reduced, I again thought what the heck and went for it rather than ripping everything out of the one there already and putting new plants in. All it needed was some dead-heading and it’ll be fine, I look forward to seeing its cheery little face through the Autumn and Winter.

I tidied some of the garden, but it was wet, I now have some wellies though so will be itching to get out next weekend (unless I manage to tomorrow, unsure yet).

I bought some grit to put in the soil as I turn it to help with drainage, there was only one bag left though, so it’s not going to spread far!

I now need to work on the pots in the back, as some must be 4 years old now; they need ripping out and new plants/compost putting in. I need to divide a dicentra and a primula and I’ll also probably plant lots of bulbs beneath them too. I just need to buy some more viola/pansy/cyclamen to plant in them to give some colour.

No Waxwing sightings yet, perhaps I’ll see some on the way into work next week! Hahaha, I can dream!

Sorry, I’m running out of nice images to post for you all and since there’s very little left to photograph I’m resorting to old images…


Yoke said...

boy, you are a little busy ant, Liz.
Look forward to pictures of the pots, basket and bulbs in a 'few' months time.

Do not forget to put your feet up, girl.

Liz said...

Thank you :)

Sorry I've been very quiet for a few days, extremely stressed and upset.

Some local kids began hedge hopping a week or so ago. Not much of an issue, except they'd ruined some of my hawthorn - oh well I'll live. But last night they began throwing stones at the houses and it would seem it wasn't just me.

Anyway, someone nearby called the police. Sadly my neighbours son had already chased them off so the police missed them.

This evening there was a police car down by one of the houses where a kid lives, I assume they found them last night or something else has happened since?? Who knows?

I totally understand how you must feel with the kids in your area. Apparently it's never happened around here before - just my luck that they start now huh???

The stones aren't big or anything, but I can totally understand why old people get very scared. I'm only 26*cough* and home alone until Pete gets home at aroun 9pm and it even shook me up when I first heard the noises, I went next door knowing the son was in, to ask if they'd heard anything. Thankfully Phil checked around the garden for me, very kind.

Obviously all last night I was very tense, and even tonight I'm having difficulty relaxing.