Sunday, 2 November 2008

Well I never...

I recently realised I never posted photos from Scotland... It's been a long time, but here we go anyway:

First we have the star of the show, Red Squirrel:

Plenty of these too:

One of these made a surprise visit, a Wood Warbler:

Then a Grey Wagtail:

And a Treecreeper, the most I saw were 4 in the same tree.

Then we had the Woodies arrive, in the past I've only ever had a quick glimpse of them, it would seem they're used to the feeders now:

And then off to Abernethy, there are lots of feeders all over. A group in some trees when you first arrive and walk up to the reception, this I assume is to entice people to pay and enter the centre as there are often Red Squirrels(rather fat reds I might add!) and in the past the ground has been crawling with voles... However they've not gone?? This was also where I saw my crested tit around 4/5 years ago.

As you walk through the forest there are more feeders dotted around in the trees with heather on the left and a small stream. Again birds are everywhere, as are the Squirrels!

Eventually you will arrive at the Osprey hide, which is a large hide/visitor centre with shop and information, cameras and such. On the outside, yep you guessed it, even more feeders. One to the left is where the live camera is, then there's a barrier area with camouflage netting around and yet more feeders. These feeders around the back are owned by the Greenfinch, which pretty much cover them all.

A little Wren flitting around finally came out to pose:

A Robin looking very pretty:

Red Squirrel high up at a peanut feeder, this had the RSPB live camera directed towards it.

A nice woodland shot from the bedroom windows in the cottage. Last year Mr Pheasant had lots of babies, this year there doesn't appear to be any :( And of course, even Scotland gets the Wood Pigeons.


Pete said...

love them squirrels

Tricia said...

Some great pics there Liz - especially like the last one! and the squirrels are real cuties!

(Should I be able to click and enlarge your pics?)

shirl said...

Hi there Liz :-)

Just browsing your blog. You've got some great photos and stories here. The red squirrels and Scotland took me back to this posting. Wonderful stuff :-D

Thanks for all your comments on my blog - I really should visit you more often. Sorry. It will be easier now as I've just added your blog to my links so I shouldn't miss any of your posts now :-D