Friday, 15 July 2011

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – July

I confess that I totally hadn’t realised what date it was, so this is a last minute posting made up of images taken over the past week or so. Please visit Carol at: May dreams gardens and join in with showing off your blooms for the month.

I’ve been quite busy this week with writing my dissertation introduction, then Pete’s been off this week so Monday morning when we set off to RSPB Old Moor I couldn’t get in the car and it turns out someone *coughPetecough* left the boot slightly open so it killed the battery, then just to make my week that little bit more perfect, on Tuesday we waited in for Pete’s new phone to arrive and I managed to cut through the wire on the hedge trimmers… Only at the time I was borrowing them off dad and apparently they were half his and half his neighbours! Arghhh. On Thursday we went to the cinema and we had a flying trip across to Manchester on Wednesday to meet an old friend, swap Gerbils (ok we didn’t swap more a case of me giving him his Gerbils and him giving me some youngsters to introduce to a lone older female).

Flat-topped Aster are coming into bloom

Showing off just how tall it is

This sweetpea was a little seedling that came in one of the pots for the hanging basket… I decided to leave it to grow so I’d have some by the kitchen door. It’s a beautiful deep purple – a shade I’ve never seen in sweetpeas, sadly though it has barely any scent.


Coreopsis was added to the border to mirror the yellow of the Bird’s foot trefoil, I’ve also added Rudbekia Goldstrum too as otherwise there was yellow only in the lower right of the border.

Lupin is on its second flush; such a pretty colour

These roses come through the hedge from next door and it’s seemingly impossible to correctly catch the colour! It isn’t a scarlet red at all but a deeper ruby red.

I bought this Verbena Hastata blue from Clumber Park; I’ve never seen it in this purple shade before and I think I love it more than the pinky purple version!

Harlow Carr is still blooming, I can’t wait until she’s larger and makes more of a statement in the border

Geranium Anne Folkard isn’t very prolific, I still think it isn’t happy even after having moved it a number of times… Fussy plant!

Sea Holly is finally turning steel blue

Ok, I’ll stop there… There’s far more to come but it’ll have to wait for another day :)

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greggo said...

like those flat tops. reminds me i need a haircut.

Hoover Boo said...

Lovely, lovely photos. Your 'Harlow Carr' rose in particular looks beautiful. I enjoyed your GBBD post--thank you!

Pete said...

some lovely flowers thank for sharing

noel said...


love all the dreamy macro shots esp the purples and lavendar colors

Missy said...

What a feast of flowers... and there's even more..
I love your photography. said...

Really quite a parade of blooms for almost forgetting and have your week's troubles. Thanks for posting the lovely images.

Shady Gardener said...

You were having fun with your camera today! I have the sea holly, too. This is the first year for me, and it's very striking - isn't it?? Nice post.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

Sorry couldn't help but laugh through your first paragraph. Sounds like some of the days I have here occasionally.
Hopefully all was sorted !

I love the pink roses. Such a romantic flower.....and such a perfect pink. I have a red climbing rose in the garden. I can never capture the true colour, so rarely post it.

The honey bee and the cosmos is such a beautiful image. I do love to see the detail on bees and other insects....fascinating.

I have a couple of sea holly in the border. I grew them from the seeds you sent. They have failed to bloom....I still have my fingers crossed though.

I have some deep purple sweet peas and they have a scent. I also have navy blue, and they are gorgeous. Would you like me to send you some seeds in the autumn??

Have a lovely weekend.

Dogwood trees Tennessee said...

WOW! Love all the dreamy macro shots especially the purples and lavender colors..
Thanks for sharing..

PatioPatch said...

Great show Liz - eye candy to cheer on this wet and windy day. Your camera must be red hot with all those shots ... and the rest

Rose said...

Beautiful photos of so many lovely blooms! Your roses are gorgeous, and I love that sea holly. I planted sweet peas for the first time and have a combo of colors, including the same dark purple. Now I need to go out and see if it has a fragrance.

VW said...

Sorry for your rough week. My recent throw-my-hands-up moment was when my daughter peed in the middle of the blow-up pool aisle in Target. She's three. She's never had an accident at a store before. At least the employee was cheerful about cleaning it up . . .

Anna said...

Sounds as if you have had an eventful week Liz. Isn't 'Harlow Carr' special? Enjoyed your July blossoms.

Liz said...

Hi Greggo,

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like the Asters - although they're not looking so flat-topped at the moment ;)

Liz said...

Hi Hoover Boo,

Thank you for visiting, I'm glad you like Harlow Carr; I couldn't imagine ever being without it now as it's such a wonderful colour.

Liz said...

Hi Pete,

Thanks, I'm happy with how the garden is maturing now - still plenty of work though.

Liz said...

Hi Noel,

Thank you, I do have lots of purples and lavenders in the garden as I do generally err more towards cool colours and rarely have yellows, oranges or reds.

Liz said...

Hi Missy,

Thank you very much :)

Liz said...


Yep, there's certainly plenty to see although sometimes in real life it does seem much more bare... I seem to take things for granted.

Liz said...

Hi SG,

There are very few days at this time of year when I don't use the camera! I just know that photo ops always come along when I don't have my camera with me!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I do love Harlow Carr, I'm so glad that it has turned out to be the colour promised in photos! So far it definitely has excellent repeat flowering as promised... So hopefully I'll have many more blooms to come.

Oh dear, I hope the Sea Holly blooms for you, are they large or still relatively small? It might be that they take a while to mature - I have a couple of seedlings too that have grown much larger this year but still not large enough to bloom.

I'd love some Sweet Pea seeds, yes please; I think I need to buy lots new seeds as I have a feeling mine are getting old and why I'm having poor success with germination.

Liz said...

Hi Dogwood,

Thank you very much for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos - I do have plenty of purples around the garden, as I do love the cool colours.

Liz said...

Hi Laura,

Rain at last, although it wasn't as bad as initially forecast here, and this afternoon/evening was really rather nice and the rain quickly dried up. Yep, plenty of photos being taken at this time of year... I have it with me outside most of the time, usually because I know as soon as I leave it in the house I'll see a Butterfly and miss an amazing opportunity... Always happens!

Liz said...

Hi Rose,

Its your first time with sweet peas?? Oh you've been missing out!!! They're amazing, but do love a lot of water, so be sure to keep them nicely topped up. Most of mine are the 'classic' colours, as I go for highly scented rather than frilly, so they're bright pinks and fuchsia colours with the occasional purple or maroon.

Liz said...

Hi VW,

Oh dear, was your daughter feeling unwell? I remember vomitting all over my mother in a department store because she wasn't listening to me when I was telling her I felt really unwell (I think I was a little older though, around 5/6). I think this was the beginning of my scent-triggered migraines as at the time we were around the perfumes. I still can't stay long and absolutely hate department stores because they STILL have perfumes right as you walk in the doors. You'd have thought 20 years later they would've changed, but no.

Liz said...

Hi Anna,

It's certainly been a busy week, but I have also really enjoyed it; back to normal next week and I'll have to really get to work on my dissertation! I've got a couple of the chapters to be writing and to show to my tutor, each is practically a mini essay at approx 3,000 words.