Friday, 29 April 2011

Flaunting my flowers

Yay, it’s time to flaunt my flowers once more with Tootsie over at:

A self-seeded Aquilegia that came with me from the last house is flowering at long last… This is one I’ve been waiting for, with the lovely shaggy petals. I just love it and wish I had more of them, but hopefully we’ll get more seedlings from this one!

Geranium Phaeum is in bloom, and looking stunning!

Another Geranium coming into bloom, I am unsure which exactly it is as I was given it by a friend.

Creeping Phlox is blooming, last year it didn’t bloom for me so I’ve only just discovered its endearing little flowers… I want to buy more to cover the bare slope…

Next door’s white Lilac is out, it has more blooms this year so I don’t feel quite so bad for stealing some to put in a vase… I love their double blooms.

Of course the Forget-me-nots are still blooming… I hope I get more next year.

Alpine Strawberry is blooming, I look forward to its small fruits

And then there’s tiny wild Forget-me-not that pops up around the garden every year.

Not strictly blooming, but this Pyracanthus will soon be attracting the insects.

Alliums are blooming, there’s now 27 in this border… I know I didn’t plant that many in there. Sadly some of the heads seem to be small for some reason, I wonder if they’ve been damaged somehow.

This lovely foamflower I bought yesterday, there’s a market in the city centre selling a whole range of things and these plants were in very good condition… I only bought the one, went back to buy another but it’d gone and tried again today but the stall wasn't there at all :( It sure it going to look lonely when I plant it!

I also picked up this gorgeous Fern… I don’t remember its name, but I do have a tag for it…

Right, I’ll have to get back to my essays now, no rest for the wicked and all that!

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Cheryl said...

Hi Liz, I love the black widow. You probably saw it on my most recent post. Min has re-seeded all around the garden, and I am thrilled with the results. It has popped its lovely head up amongst the red campion and they look stunning together.

I have way too many forget me nots.
They are a little too happy here, and seem to cover every piece of vacant soil. Pretty though!!

I have cut some blooms from my neighbours lilac that overhangs our fence. The perfume called to me and for some reason I just had to do it. I felt so guilty afterwards....I rarely bring flowers inside.

Enjoy your weekend and good luck with the essay.....

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I hope I get some of your Red Campion seeds coming up this year. Last year they were unsuccessful... I also hope the Ragged Robin, Cornmarigold, Fox and Cubs et al come up this year!
I've lots of seedlings appearing in two borders that I sowed, so I'm hoping they do manage it!

My parents also have loads of Forget-me-nots, they seem to love their garden! I just wish they loved mine too...

I wouldn't feel too guilty about taking the Lilac bloom, after all you are entitled by law to cut anything which overhangs your garden. And, what they won't know, won't hurt them :D

Essays... I have many of them due. In the first two weeks in May I have a grand total of 7. Ridiculous, but I have a good number of them mostly finished and just needing tidying, others are written on paper and need typing and then sorting.
I'm just working on my dissertation proposal now, it isn't much fun... Well the topic interests me, I just don't really understand what they want from me. So I'm following the marking criteria and just writing it based around them!

The most time-consuming part is reading literature... It takes time to absorb what they're saying and then to have that Eureka moment.

Lona said...

Liz your alliums are just beautiful!Mine are just starting to bloom. Just in time because the tulips are blowing away. The white lilac blooms are so pretty.Just beautiful.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Such lovely blooms, I especially like the elegance of the white lilac, even if it is next door's ;) The Alliums are gorgeous too. I can grow onions, but for some reason I've had bad luck with these Alliums. Oh well!

Liz said...

Hi Lona,

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the photos :)

I do love the Alliums and think that perhaps I've gone a little overboard on them for the past couple of years... But they are making a nice, welcome statement right now when most other things aren't very tall, they're certainly adding height.

Liz said...

Hi CV,

Haha, well the shrub belongs to next door... However it comes through the fence near the shed, so in theory that part of the shrub belongs to me... I might've helped it along in coming through the fence, but we don't need to let anyone know about that...... lol.
Sorry to hear you have difficulty growing Alliums, I wonder why?
They're pretty much care free here, although I am wondering whether I need to buy more next year because of some having smaller heads than others?

On My Soapbox said...

"Of course the Forget-me-nots are still blooming… I hope I get more next year." Oh, don't worry - you will! ;-)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

So beautiful! I love Gernaium phaeum, though mine is nowhere near flowering - odd how frequently your plants flower before mine. Gald you have flowers on your creeping phlox, my new best friend. Am totally failing to get decent photos of my aquilegias!

Carla said...

Lovely!!! That Aquilegia is darling, hopefully it will really take off for you. LOVE the white double bloom lilac!!

James A-S said...

Fabulous pictures.
One thing is certain: you will always get more Forget Me Nots!
So many that within very few years you will rip most of them out before they flower...

Tootsie said...

thank you so much for linking in and sharing such a pretty flaunt this week! I hope you will again soon!