Monday, 21 February 2011

Macro Monday - Worshipping Snowdrops

More appear each day, lots of patches all around :)

It's so very dreary here today, these are helping brighten an otherwise terrible start to the week!


ShySongbird said...

These are lovely Liz! So cheerful on such a gloomy day as this.

Re. the reply to my comment on your last post, my Snowdrops were actually planted in the green but I think they are not too happy in the place I put them, it is in the border nearest the house (for obvious reasons) and the soil never really dries out. That sounds like a great deal at B&Q, I must check it out, thanks. I still think your soil could be acidic if you can grow Heathers and if the Hydrangeas are not pink. The only blue ones in this area are treated with something 'blue-making' in the water. Let us know if you ever find out for sure.

Liz said...

Hi Jan,

It's been truly horrible today, including a quick sleet shower. It's supposed to get nicer by the end of the weeks, so I hope to finally get the plants moved ready for the new fence posts.

It's a shame you're having problems with the snowdrops, they do seem to be temperamental though until established.
Perhaps the soil is acidic, I only guessed at alkaline due to its clay content. I do know that the original owner of the house who had been in here since it was built in the 30's had a veg plot in the back, so he may well have kept the ground well worked and probably used mulch, compost and such on the borders. It's only due to the landscaping work done by the couple before us that all the clay has been exposed in the lower part of the garden; in the higher sections the soil is amazing to work with.

Bub said...

Beautiful! Seeing these has made me want to get into the garden and plant things. Almost... just got a teeny tiny problem with worms to get over first!

VW said...

Seriously, seeing these early spring flowers is a spiritual experience! And your photos are dreamy, as always.

The Garden Ms. S said...

I forget how elegant they are until I see them through new eyes. Lovely. :)

Liz said...

Hi Bub,

Lol, I have a feeling the worms can sense your fear! The number of times I actually see worms in the garden when working is minimal, yet I imagine they stalk and attack you don't they? :D

It's strange tbh, I hate spiders yet out in the garden I just don't seem to mind them. Wolf spiders are everywhere here, yet I don't get bothered by them at all really.
I must be a part-time phobic.

Liz said...

Hi VW,

Thanks :D

Just wish we'd get our sun and warmer temperatures back now... Haven't been able to enjoy the early blooms for a few days now. Lots of the Iris were ruined with a light snow shower we had - been broken in half :(

Quite upset about that, actually.

Liz said...

Hi Ms. S,

Snowdrops are a relative new discovery for me, I don't remember my parents having many - if any, so I've been planting them like mad over the past couple of years and wish they'd naturalise quicker! (Impatient, much?!)

What more could anyone want at this time of year? Elegant white bells, which nod in the wind... Lovely.

shirl said...

Liz, ‘Elegant white bells, which nod in the wind…’ I couldn’t put it better myself :-)

I don’t have many white patches of snowdrops but I’m trying not to disturb the small number I do have (hard for me). I’d guess they don’t like to be disturbed… ah… perhaps I should plant some in my grass mound… a good plan… I like that idea a lot :-D

I have one small clump of Snowflakes and looking out my window just now see they are about to open… I absolutely adore them and moving/disturbing them is not an option – ever!!!! They are happy there and that’s where they will stay now.

Enjoy your visit to Hodsock – I can’t wait to see your images :-D

Plantaliscious said...

Lovely, a reminder that the lousy weather will pass and the sun will shine and colour return in earnest. We have only a fine scattering of snowdrops, and in one case a single bloom, but the do cheer me up on all these wet grey days.

JPPreaux said...

Hi Liz,

I discover your blog. I like very much your photos.
Go on like that!
What is the meaning of Gwirrel ? Your name ?
All the best.