Friday, 25 February 2011

Flaunt your Flowers for Fertilizer Friday

This week I thought I would participate in Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt your flowers, so much is changing at the moment, there will be lots of photos over the coming weeks as more growth appears, this week has been exciting due to the appearance of many Allium all over the borders, however they will not flower for another couple of months.

Iris reticulata ‘Pauline’ has come into flower

Alliums are popping up everywhere, I think this has had babies because I know I didn’t plant three so close together!

Alliums and Tulipa ‘Turkestanica’ in the new border

The Crocus Tommasinianus has also reproduced I believe, I’m sure I didn’t have any nice groups like this last year – they were most disappointing.
I have fallen in love with the beautiful purple and think I will get more in Autumn!

‘Miss Vain’ has been out in force

Winter Jasmine

Sedum is growing well, I will have to protect it from the slugs!

Crocus ‘Snowbunting’ is coming into bloom, sadly I seem to have planted them all in difficult positions so I can’t get very good photos…

Rhubarb leaves are appearing!

And Hawthorn buds are fattening, I can’t wait for them to open! I love nothing more than the shade of green of new Hawthorn leaves.

If you'd like to participate in Fertilizer Friday/Flaunt your Flowers, please pop over to Tootsie Time


ShySongbird said...

They are all flaunting themselves beautifully Liz :) I love the colour of the Irises and the Crocuses look so pretty too, Miss Vain is rather nice I think.

Liz said...

Hi Jan,

Thanks! How is your garden doing at the moment? I assume you have very similar blooms around :)

The Crocuses in general don't seem to be as impressive as last year, I wonder if it's due to them blooming so much earlier that everything is spaced out compared to last year where everything was so late that they all bloomed together.
The snow last week killed off pretty much all the Iris 'Harmony' so my pots which normally would have Iris, Crocus and such all flowering at the moment have dying iris with the odd Crocus. Oh well :(

ShySongbird said...

Hi again Liz :) My garden is rather a non event at the moment after being rather neglected for some time, first when I had problems with my eyesight and then when husband was ill. Being a mature garden it has looked after itself to some extent but would definitely benefit from some TLC. The major problem I have to tackle is the ground elder :( which has invaded one particular border for the last couple of years and which I know is lurking just beneath the surface and waiting to jump out at me again before long. After trying various ways to get rid of it I think the only answer is that reluctantly I must lift all the plants and apply weedkiller :( The problem is made all the more depressing by the knowledge that the darned stuff came through the fence from the neighbour who has now moved away...I wish she had taken it with her!!

So sorry to read of the devastation caused to your Irises, that must be very disheartening.

easygardener said...

I have got Crocus tommasinianus 'Whitewell Purple' and mine too have really increased this year - most surprising as they have been a little wimpy up to now.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz, new growth is just so exciting.

I love the white crocus 'Miss Vain'....I have several, I need more. Like you I am already thinking autumn....ha!

Alliums are showing here, also the honey lily (one of my favourites)

I am glad you are enjoying the does get the sap rising, doesn't it?

I am off to Cornwall tomorrow with Mr P. Going to visit the lost gardens of Heligan (have I spelt that right) and spend some time walking the beach. I love deserted beaches in winter/spring.

Hope your studies are coming along well.....have a lovely weekend.

Esther Montgomery said...

At one point I thought I would have no crocuses this year but it was just that some came up too early and died. The others have now arrived but disappoint me. I bought white ones, thinking they would show up in a dull place. It's true they show up - but their whiteness makes it seem even colder and more inhospitable. I should have planted yellow ones.


Liz said...

Hi Jan,

Sorry to hear about the Elder battle and that you've had to neglect the garden a little. I am sure things will be fine, especially once everything is in full growth it's much easier to forget the problems.

The Irises were probably beginning to fade when the snow hit them, but they certainly would've lasted another few days to a week, but have pretty much completely gone now and I only have the 'Pauline' out now, but there are far fewer Paulines so they are not making the same impact.

Liz said...

Hi EG,

I'm unsure which Tommisinianus this is - I planted it a couple of years ago now. Last year they were a bit rubbish so this Autumn I decided not to get any more because of their poor show, and here I am completely eating my words!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I think I have around 200 'Miss Vain' and have discovered that I must've been sent some 2 years ago instead of the 'Snowbunting' I had ordered (after looking at my past order) so this year when I chose 'Miss Vain' I obviously managed to pick the same type after having no idea what I had ordered the year before!
They are very pretty and I think the yellow centre really helps make them warm the garden.

I'm a little concerned that they have flowered so early, and most of the Bees and Hoverflies are not yet out, when last year the loved them and really helped provide food for the insects. By the time the insects are awake, the Crocus will have gone.

I hope you have a nice time in Cornwall, will you be taking your camera?

Studies are ok, a little stressed/annoyed at the moment because I have 5 essays due within two weeks of each other. Who on Earth thought that was a good idea needs hitting. Two of the essays I haven't even really looked at yet or planned out so I'm quite worried.

Liz said...

Hi Esther,

I'm surprised the white Crocuses make the shady area cooler, but I guess it does make sense. The white ones I have, have an yolk yellow centre, so I think make them look quite sunny and cheerful. But I'm not sure just how cheerful they'd look in deep shade!
I have some Tommasininanus in our front NW facing garden and they do add some colour, but I think any plant in such shady areas will have difficulty brighening up the space.

Anna said...

Another for the wish list ~ I will definitely have to remember to look out for bulbs of 'Pauline' this autumn. She looks so pretty. Enjoyed your Wordless Wednesday post too Liz :)