Thursday, 27 January 2011

Who stole January?

Where did January go?



Iris reticulata – Harmony or Pauline

A rose I had in a vase, I’m attempting to see if it will set root, the flowers were just so pretty. Had a rustic, colour compared to most overly vibrant roses available.

Garrya catkins

The primulas aren’t doing so well after the snow, but they are growing back quite nicely.

This pot is going to get full very quickly.

I’m a little concerned this pot isn’t going to look as good as it normally does… Should be loads of Crocus in there…

Fresh growth on a Strawberry

Rose buds, some already have leaves/branches growing. Need to cut them back!

Winter Jasmine

This Aubrieta is growing rapidly, I’ll have to cut it back soon because it’s taking over!

Lovely Fern leaves brighten up the Cherry border.

Bulbs coming up also in the Cherry border – surprised because it’s so shady!

Clematis ‘Willy’ buds

It’s definitely time to get rid of this Cordyline now.

Magnolia Stellata bud fattening up – I hope it’s a flower!

Yarrow buds… I can’t believe this has survived the snow? Is it possible it’s managed to produce this flower already and then it’s been killed by the frost?!

Sea Holly seeds looking rather mouldy!

This Sweet Rocket is enjoying the protection from the dead Cosmos/Verbena/Sea Holly, last time I saw it I swear it was less than half the size!

Looks like I need to get moving with jobs in the garden now it looks like Spring is definitely here.

I need new fence posts so have to remove some of the plants from the border so we can replace the old ones. I aim to only move the climbers, and I want to do it whilst they're still dormant and won't risk upsetting them. I have a huge trug I'll put them in with compost for them to live in temporarily.
I hadn't thought I'd need to do it just yet, I thought I'd be ok until Feb/March but looks like I need to get arranging for it to be done!


Carol said...

Wow! Liz! I am just green with envy sitting here in a cold and white landscape. New England is covered in snow and very cold. How exciting for you though. Enjoy your spring! Lovely post of your buds and new shoots of growth.

debsgarden said...

Today I noticed tiny new growth on many plants throughout my garden. It is exciting! Your photos are lovely; I love the soft focus!

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz, well your garden is full of life. I am amazed how the gardens have suddenly sprung to life so quickly after the bitterly cold weather.

Poor cordyline (I think it is dead, in fact I am sure it is.....ha! I seem to remember you did not like it??
My dwarf phormiums look awful but I shall leave them and see if they regrow from the base. They have such lovely apricot and lemon leaves and make a statement in the summer bed.

I don't envy you putting fence panels up. I have done it more times than I like.......

Have a good weekend.

Bub said...

If someone knows where January disappeared to, could they let me know too. I cannot believe how quick it's gone - one minute I'm getting over my New Year's Eve/Day hangover, next minute I'm staring February in the face. Amazing.

I absolutely LOVE the colour of the rose - it's a real vintage colour. Bee-yoo-tee-ful. I want!

patientgardener said...

Every day when I go out to put bird food out I notice more bulbs appearing despite the cold - think I need to get going as well!
Maybe the squirrels or mice ate the crocus bulbs. I cover my pots of bulbs with netting over the winterr to try and stop them

meemsnyc said...

Ooooh, just look at all the new growth! So jealous.

Plantaliscious said...

So much going on in your garden! I confess its been so cold and grey I haven't managed to get myself outside with my camera, but like you I keep noticing new growth and really need to cut back the clematis and roses before everything gets too out of hand. But its so cold!

mike 'hazeltree' thompson said...

hello Liz, yep i reckon that corydline is a gonner! is it lovely though to see all these new buds and shoots and thank you for the lovely photos...hope all goes well with the new fence....

PatioPatch said...

Hi Liz - did the Grinch steal January too? Thanks for the uplifting images of new growth speeding ahead now. Did a lot of pruning yesterday down to bud - it's all starting to happen though the wind has brought a north-easterly bite

Liz said...

Hi Carol,

I hope the snow has melted for you and you can see the first signs of spring appearing! It seems that almost every day I notice something new appearing, I'm just beginning to get impatient for the flowers to arrive! :D

Liz said...

Hi Deb,

So pleased to hear you also have growth, and yes it is very exciting! It's difficult to stop myself going out to check on a daily basis, I tend to stick to the areas closest the house because they're the most likely areas to see anything happening yet.
I cannot wait until I have enough snowdrops in groups that I am able to pick a bunch to have in a nice little vase. So far I just don't have enough and I'm loathe to take any away from the garden!

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

I'm shocked that there is so much happening, especially after all our hoar frosts after the snow. Perhaps the cold really does do them good.
Compared to last year where everything was very delayed here, I'm very pleased to see things are happening already.

You're correct re: Cordyline. I did initially like it but my tastes and space have changed, I planned to get rid of it last year but never quite got there and I guess now I definitely have to because I don't fancy a dead tree in the garden!
I hope your phormiums have survived and begin to show life soon - you only got them last year didn't you?

For the fence, I plan to get my uncle to sort it. He'll probably get some guys in to dig it all I would assume - he put up the quick fix for me in November when one of the posts broke in high winds. Just need to get his number off my mum... I managed to lose it after killing my phone in the washing machine lol

Liz said...

Hi Bub,

I'm finding it difficult to believe where the past 4 months have gone too! It's hard to believe I'm in my second semester at Uni and it'll soon be finished and I'll be in the scary world of trying to find a job when the govt is getting rid of so many.

The Roses were gorgeous, there was this lovely vintage dusky pink and a dusky lilac, I do hope they root, but I'm not holding out too much hope :)

Liz said...

Hi Helen,

I'm considering getting some seeds going, but at the same time it's just too much hard work! ha ha, my procrastination kicking in again! I've been getting the propagation trays ready, just need to venture into the shed to get the compost out.

We rarely get Squirrels here, but I have seen mice so it is definitely a possibility. Grrrr, and I bought another two bags in Autumn but they all went in the borders instead.

Liz said...

Hi Meems,

I do wish the plants would grow fully now, however saying that I also have jobs I need to do, so am grateful they are holding back a little.
There are a few plants I want to divide and are showing some signs of growth so I need to do it quickly.

Liz said...

Hi Janet,

I managed to get my roses cut back, but still need to tackle the clematis and dig other clematis up that are on the fence I need to sort out. I must get them moved in the next week into their temporary homes.
I hear it's due to warm up next week - bringing rain etc with it though!

Liz said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for visiting, it's much appreciated :)

The Cordyline was meant to go last year but it managed to hang on in there and I never got round to getting rid of it, but the snow in December finally killed it off and this year I will definitely have to get rid!

Liz said...

Hi Laura,

I think the Grinch stole the past few months, but it is amazing to belive January has almost gone already. It's time to get moving and get busy preparing my garden for the new season :)
It's been quite cold the past few days, but definitely very nice in the sun when it's made an appearance.

Anna said...

January certainly seems to have gone in the blink of an eyelid - hope that the rest of the year is not in such a rush. Very cold and frosty here today Liz - I think that we have got a bit of a waiting game in store before spring arrives but it is encouraging to see new growth. Good luck with the fence post job.

ShySongbird said...

You really do have a lot going on there Liz. Spring is creeping ever closer :) There are lots of things I should be doing in the garden but I can't quite get enough enthusiasm going yet, a little more warmth would help!

Lovely photos as usual. You remind me that I should replace the Winter Jasmine which was lost when we replaced the fence with a wall in the front garden. It is a lovely plant I think, so cheerful :)