Monday, 10 January 2011


These little forced Tete-a-Tetes began flowering on New Year’s Day, quite apt and uplifting me thinks!

I hope you all have a good week, mine won't be so good with two essays due! Arghhhh.


A Year In My Garden said...

Lovely when they first come through - there are a few brave daffs pushing through in my front garden, even though I have trampled them severely while clearing the blackberry invasion.

Plantaliscious said...

Eugh, good luck with the essays... Beautiful tete-a-tete, I hadn't ever really thought about forcing them, but have read lots of bloggers doing so. They are one of my favourite narcissi, will have to try this next year. The perfect antidote to the dull grey day today is turning in to.

Balaphoto said...

Excellent pictures!! Salut!!

Happy MMXI!!!

Frank, Barcelona

shirl said...

Hi Liz, great shots of Tete-a-tete, I love that little sunshine flower. It always makes me smile :-)

Good luck with the essays, I’ve been texting my daughter over the weekend with motivational chat for hers… in a humorous way relevant to what she’s writing about of course. She has been phoning me back laughing. I guess I'm helping :-D

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

How beautiful Liz! I haven't seen ours yet, as they're planted outside, but I added Tete-a-tetes to the garden this last fall to help increase the variety of daffodils that we'll see in spring. I can't wait!

red studio said...

Narcissus is such an elegant flower. I have been enjoying Paper whites. Thank you for the lovely photos.

Anna said...

How bright and cheeerful Liz. I usually treat myself to a pot but have not done so far this year ~ must remedy the situation as soon as possible. Good luck with your essay writing and just look at those little daffs if you need any inspiration.

VW said...

I felt less jealous when you said they're forced - how could her daffodils be blooming in JANUARY? I thought! I planted a bunch of Tete-a-Tete in my front garden but will have to wait a couple of months until they bloom. Your photos are fun.

Bub said...

They are so beautiful! Good luck with the essays, I don't envy you there :)

Liz said...


No Daffs here yet, no sign of them either but I think that's because I have only late species here.
My Snowdrops are almost in bloom now - I can see their bells, just another week or two and I should have flowers.

Liz said...

Hi Janet,

One essay down, another to go and then revision next week...

These were bought for a couple of pound... Worth it, especially as I can then add them to my garden collection for next year :)

Liz said...

Hi Frank,

Thank you very much, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Hi Shirl,

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Liz,
I enjoyed seeing your inside blooms. When I get my upstairs room clean, I may find a spot for a couple inside bulbs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. We were off work again today, but tomorrow we will have school.

I'm glad you got one of your essays done, and hope the other is turning out OK. What are you studying?

Liz said...

Hi Shirl,

I'd planned to pick up some paperwhites, but never found any so these little tete-a-tetes are the next best thing, and add lots of colour.

No one seems to want to help me with my essays... They're all mean. Finished the first and now have the second to do... Struggling with that one, I just can't seem to understand it no matter how many times I write out bullet points and step by step guides for what I need to do, I still feel like I don't actually know what I'm talking about.
It's actually a subject which interests me too - sustainability, environment and such. But I'm struggling with writing about the policy/legislation side of it all.

Liz said...

Hi CV,

I hope your daffs show soon, I generally go for the white species, but right now splashes of yellow will do very nicely!

Liz said...

Hi Lynn,

I wanted some Paperwhites too, but never found any - actually I ran out of time if I'm honest and picked up the first forced bulbs I found! :D

Thanks very much for visiting my blog.

Liz said...

Hi Anna,

The bulb pots are really cheap in M&S, I think these were £2.99, need to buy some more as these are starting to fade now. But they did provide some cheer for almost two weeks. The Snowdrops out in the garden are doing well, one patch are almost in flower - they have their bells out now so another few days and they should be opening. Shame they're down the side of the house and I won't see them unless I make a special trip!

Liz said...

Hi VW,

Heehee, no such luck with having Daffodils flowering outside, but the Snowdrops are very close!
I hope your Daffodils come up soon, we're in desperate need of some colour now. After all the snow flattened a lot of the plants and reduced many to sludge, the garden is a sea of slimey browns.
There are a few gems though - Pheasant's tail grass looks wonderful and some evergreen ferns are cheering things up.

Liz said...

Hi Bub,

Thanks :)

One essay is finished and I need to hand it in today, the other is due friday but I have block teaching days Thurs and Fri! I have some of it written that I need to type up but I'm really struggling with it. There's just so much to write about and it's only 2,000 words. That's the biggest problem, do I skim over things or concentrate on only issues I feel are interesting???!!! Argh.

Liz said...

Hi Sue,

Definitely try to get yourself some forced bulbs, they do add so much joy and I love watching them grow day by day.

The second essay is proving difficult, I just go round and round... Get myself confused and lost. Then have to sit trying to gather my thoughts again because I honestly have no idea what I'm saying!
I'm studying Urban and Regional Planning - town planning basically. I wanted to get into Urban Design so this will teach me a basic knowledge that can lead me almost anywhere within the industry except architecture.

PatioPatch said...

Hi Liz - you've captured their bright little faces so well. You need their cheer with essays and deadlines. What's the topic?

Pete said...

thoughts of spring!

Liz said...

Hi Laura,

I'm going to need some strong alcohol on Friday once the second essay is handed in. Just seem to be spending my life reading articles, papers etc and then trying to critically analyse what they're saying and attempting to apply it to one theory or other. Sometimes I find myself going round and round, forgetting what I'm supposed to be saying and have to take a breather to gather my thoughts.
I find lots of interesting things to quote, then get carried away and need to step back to decide whether it's actually appropriate to the subject.

Brain is numb. Now's the time to start typing up - requires very little brain power!

The topic of the first essay was: revitalising struggling communities. We had a group presentation on the subject in early December and then had to write an essay covering all the points. The second is on the role of the planning system in tackling climate change.

Liz said...

Hi Pete,

Spring indeed, very exciting! Just need the rest of the bulbs to come up - who knows, it's been rather mild today!

Shady Gardener said...

I think I'd better look for a few bulbs to force!! Great idea! :-)

Yoke, said...

Great photos of your little sparks of light and colour. Brightening up my life too.

i really hope you succeeded with the 2nd essay today.
Sounds like an interesting course and towns and cities need people like you to take care of careful and urban planning.