Saturday, 8 May 2010

May so far...

So why is it that April saw wonderful weather, as soon as May arrives, we’re back to dull, cool (sometimes cold), miserable weather?!

I’m beginning to get fed up with it now, we’ve seen hints of sun, but it’s always been accompanied by winds so any heat is barely even noticeable.

If it doesn’t brighten up by the 16th I shall be most unhappy as I’m off to Norfolk for a few days… I guess it’s too much to actually expect the weather to be similar to last year – sunny, warm with rain only one day.

True English Bluebells

These tulips have escaped the slugs/snails…Rather pretty actually!

Anyone know what the following seeds are?

They could be:
Poppies - Blackcurrant fizz, danish flag or Black Peony
Fox and Cubs
Ragged Robin
Red Campion
Nigella (not these, I know what they look like)
Cornflower (not these, I know what they look like)
Wild Poppy (don't think they're this as I have some growing elsewhere)
Californian Poppy (I have a feeling they're these)
Angelica (pretty sure they're not this)

Next to some Aquilegia seedlings I’ve grown

Some Lilies, think they will be white.

Gladioli – I think!

Clematis, so many buds… Cannot wait!


A self seeded Aquilegia I’ve been waiting years to flower, I’ve had it since the last house we were in and it looks like it’s a hybrid… Sadly doesn’t seem to be a double like they were back there. Most likely hybrid with mine and the doubles.

Dicentra will not be around much longer

Raspberry buds, hopefully we will have a good crop this year!

Fleabane with a lovely pink tint.


Bangchik said...

It is always difficult to find joy behind dull weather. But flowers will compensate somehow..., their exiting colours could just brighten up the month of May.
Cheers, Have a great weekend.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Awww...I really do miss the bluebells, thanks for posting them!

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

lovely blooms and photos Liz. Isn't the weather awful - I had to keep my jacket on yesterday in the garden as it was so cold and there's a wind blowing up here too which is making it hard to even photograph the flowers. The sun was shining but there was no heat due to the northerly.

I don't know what your seeds are at all Liz - it will be a bit of fun I'm sure trying to detect what they are over the next few weeks. Its a pity your columbine isn't going to be a double after waiting so long for it to flower - columbines sure are one flower that keeps you guessing what the seedlings are going to turn out like and its never what you thought. I used to grow loads of Nora Barlow old fashioned types in one of my past gardens. Is that the double form you were hoping for?

Anna said...

Something has gone wrong somewhere Liz - April was beautiful but so far May seems to be a backward step. We have got the heating on again! Hope that it warms up before you head off for Norfolk!

pamsenglishgarden said...

I do hope I get some true English bluebell blooms this year. Yours is brilliant. The weather is awful here in Pennsylvania, too.

Kala said...

Lovely images. I don't know what those seed are but I agree about May being rather cold!