Thursday, 11 June 2009

Fluffers, Fledglings and Floods

Summer is such an amazing time, we have plenty of fledgling birds at the moment, it’s just a shame the weather has been rather dull recently, so rather poor photos:

First we have the Great Tits, this little baby was shouting at its parent early Friday morning before I set off for work!

By the time I got home we also had baby Blue Tits, sadly the weather had turned.

Great Tit demanding food again, I’m unsure exactly how many there were, but I think I counted at least 4 at one point.

They really do seem to shout at the adults sometimes!

“Finally, I’ve shut it up!”

I’ve also got another new visitor for my garden list… A Jay!

Is this a good or bad thing? I’m thinking the latter option, especially with all the youngsters around at the moment.

On a different note, last night we had some storms, it was so incredibly heavy that it would appear the city has had some flash flooding. My tub that I use for weeding was completely full with water this morning, it must be 10inches deep! Obviously I couldn’t say whether it then flowed over too, but I would expect so.
There’s some cleaning up I need to do as soil and stones have been washed down and the newly blasted walls are now a nice muddy colour. Looks like I’ll have to clean them again before I can paint them!

Prior to the flooding we’d had a nice sunny day and I’d been out in the garden weeding and such and taking photos. Today too has been a lovely day, just those 4/5 hours of torrential rain mixed with some hail caused quite a lot of havoc! So glad I wasn’t attempting to get home in it all, as typically it started around 3:30, I’d expect no less! :)

Thankfully I'm not in the same house as the floods of 2007, where our cellar flooded and we were at the top of a hill!


Joanne said...

Hi Thanks for picking my Lizard Orchid post. I enjoyed visiting your blog and love your bird photos.

Valeri said...

Jays are lovely birds to look at. I've only ever seen one in Cornwall but visiting my daughter in London I saw several regularly. Val

ShySongbird said...

The birds are certainly busy in your garden Liz, it is lovely watching all the youngsters at the moment! The Jay was probably up to no good, but even so well done on seeing one in your garden. I haven't seen one for some years and never in the garden. Great photos again.

Charlotte said...

Love watching what's going on in your garden - great blog!

Yoke, said...

Aren't the little one's a joy to watch?

I doubt if the Jay's visit was a coincidence with the fluffers out and about.
it probably has its own nest full of them too.
We cannot change how nature works, can we? However harsh it is sometimes.
Your GT. fluffer is certainly taking advantage of the little time it has left at being bigger than mum/dad, so yes, screaming and a little demanding is the right approach, perhaps?