Friday, 5 June 2009

Another Garden Catch Up!

And onto yet more garden photos, I need something to cheer myself up after the poor weather we’ve had this evening… Glorious day and then just in time for leaving work and the heavens open! What more could we possibly want???!

I’m still a couple of weeks behind on the garden photos, these next lot were taken at the end of May

Meadow Rue
This was sent to me instead of Aquilegia Blue Barlow, I can understand why as the leaves are very similar but I’d still rather have my Aquilegia… Although different in its own way, I think I need more of it to fully appreciate its flowers!

Shrub rose, Rosarie de l’hay just about to open, it’s been teasing me for a good while now but it is actually open and smells divine! Love, love, LOVE it.

Primula Vialii, I love this little flower and is the only primula I actively keep in the garden – although there are some in the front that were here when I arrived.

Forget-me-not, teeny tiny little flowers on it, again it was here when we moved and readily self seeds around.

Masterwort, it’s really taken off this year and I think I’m going to need to divide it next year as it’s currently stopping the sun get to my Agapanthus and I fear I’ll have no flowers on it!

Bramble blossom, I’m leaving it for the berries!

Daisy, they’ve appeared in the garden, a welcome sight as far as I’m concerned.

Elder buds, they’ve been teasing me, making me wait and I do hope they flower soon!

The most beautifully amazing Lupin I’ve ever seen, we saw it on holiday and there was no way I could pass it by so it came home with us! Ha ha.

Wisteria leaves, fresh new growth has lovely silvery fur on it, I love the way it glistens.

Unsure what this is, some sort of moss flower…

Little fruit on the Fuji Cherry, looks tasty although I doubt it’s edible.

Herb Robert is still in flower

Cosmos, bought for an amazing 40p from the same garden centre as the Lupin, simply amazing! I just had to get them since they were so cheap even though I do have quite a few seedlings… Yes I am obsessed.

Meanwhile in the garden there has been a lot of activity, this morning I saw my first Great Tit fledglings and then when I got home there were also Blue Tit Fledglings, now I just need the Coal/Long-Tailed Tits to also visit me! Of course I’m also waiting for the Bullfinch to bring along their babies, but I don’t expect them until at least August…


ShySongbird said...

More lovely photos Liz. I think Forget-me-nots are lovely little flowers the blue is so pretty and like you say they seed so readily. I adore Cosmos and last week planted some which my sister-in-law had grown from seed in her greenhouse, so if they are spared by the snails they will look lovely soon.

We had very heavy rain overnight and more today. I went into the garden late last night with a torch and found huge armies of snails eating my bedding plants! These were collected in a bucket and deposited some way from the house, they are probably back by now :(

Great news on the fledglings, I'm hoping you do get Bullfinch babies, they would be lovely to see.

Liz said...

SS- Thanks, I'm glad you liked the photos :)

My Cosmos have managed fine against the slugs/snails so far, I have put out some organic slug pellets, so perhaps that's why although from past experience they don't always stop them!

We've had a lot of rain too, so I've felt like a caged Chicken for most of the day but it did eventually clear up, and the sun did break through occasionally.

Oh dear, it looks like I'll be on slug patrol again soon! I wonder if I'll have some Foxy encounters again like last summer, I've got an egg in a pot at the moment so Fox has been around recently.

Last year the Bullies didn't arrive until very late - August/September, but as the adults have vanished for the past month I hope to see them a little earlier. I couldn't get close to the babies at all, compared to most other species where the youngsters often allow you to get a little 'too' close!

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful flowers

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Got an award coming up for you from my Bath Daily Photo blog, will let you know when you can paste it on your blog! Love Emma x

Cheryl said...

Hi do have some delightful blooms there. I grew cosmos in the greenhouse this year, from seed. I love them and so do the bumble bees of course....I have mixed colours this year....I do particularly like the white.

My elder is in flower...the wild and black lace. I love the fragrance of elderflower, I know that a lot of people don't. Do you?

I love daisies and I am always so pleased to see them. And who can resist making a daisy chain?....not me.....

Liz said...

Rajesh - Thank you so much for the lovely compliment, it's much appreciated :)

Liz said...

Emma - Aw, thank you so much for letting me know!

Ooh, I've never won an award before *giggle*

Liz said...

Cheryl - I've grown quite a few Cosmos too, just waiting for them to flower now, they were a mixed pack so I do hope I get the whites too!

Our Elder's are in flower now too, the white on the back fence and the black lace has just opened a couple of days ago!
I get them mainly for the birds, although I have considered trying to use the flowers to make some elderflower juice! Now I just need to find out how to make it... :D

I love Daisy's, although we don't quite have enough for chains just yet, but I can assure you once I do I shall be! I also have clover in the lawn now, hopefully it'll fix some nitrate back into the ground and help things along nicely.

Bath Daily Photo Blog said...

Hi Liz, I've nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award, if you go to the Bath Daily Photo site you can collect it! Emma x