Thursday, 2 October 2008

Current Bird List

Well, I think it's time I updated our birds list and I thought it might be nice to see which have brought their youngsters along!

Nothing quite as exciting as Tricia's Ring-Necked Parakeets though :)

Blue tit + youngsters
Great tit
Coal tit
Long-Tailed Tit
Green Finch + youngsters
Gold Finch + youngsters
Bull Finch + youngsters
Sparrow + youngsters
Blackbird + youngsters
Dunnock + youngsters
Collared Dove
Wood Pigeon
Feral Pigeon (although I'm not sure I can recognise any type of juv. pigeon…)
Starling + youngsters
Willow Warbler (maybe, not sure, could've been… who knows??)
Garden Warbler
Chiff chaff
Magpie + Youngsters
Sparrow Hawk
Swift + youngsters (well, above the garden)
Tawny Owl

And my latest find - Wren. Before I had *thought* I'd seen one next door. This morning I definitely had one creeping around through the willow against the fence. I might have to put out dried mealworms for it - we had them a few years ago in a different house, and they really appreciated the mealies I put out.

Now I just need:

Gold Crest (+ firecrest)
Song thrush (seen them across the street, we do have lots of snail shells in the garden, but I can't be sure it's due to Song Thrushes)
Treecreeper (unlikely with no mature trees in the garden.)
Mistle thrush
Waxwing (haha, yeah right. none have been sighted in Sheffield since 2004 or around there)
Might as well go all out and wish to see a crested tit!!


Pete said...

if you get a firecrest I'll sulk!!

Liz said...


*crosses fingers and wishes reaaally hard*

Not enough conifers around here for them, plus I could do with living a little further south ;)

Fran said...

Oh dear, Liz. What a shame you haven't had a Treecreeper! I thought everyone had one, wanna see a picture?


Liz said...

Ah, you cheeky!!!

At least I've actually managed to see one at all... Not even one, but THREE all in the same tree.

Just a shame I don't live in Scotland... :(