Sunday, 5 October 2008

Weather and Birdies

Today started out somewhat terrible, raining heavy, grey and rather bleak.

Oh joy thinks I.

Eventually around 10am the rain stopped, but the weather remained grey and cold. Then suddenly around 11am it cleared up and made way for sun and blue skies!

Our house warmed up beautifully and actually sat at the kitchen table at the laptop was a tough job because it was so hot - although outside was chilly because of the wind.

Finally I had inspiration to get the macro lens out and take some shots. My plan was for Autumn berries, but because of my lack of interest recently (no thanks to someone seeing me taking photos in the garden and thinking I was taking photos of them and accusing me, I'm now scared to take shots... Bah, c'mon grow little Jasmine, firethorn, rose shrub!!!) I'd missed the best time as most of the elderberries were gone...

Oh well, there's always next year.

No new birds sighted, although it was a fairly busy day with most of the usuals putting in an appearance. Haven't seen Bullies for a week or so though. Shame. I'm sure they'll be back next spring or hopefully in the coming months!

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