Saturday, 30 August 2008


Well, nothing to do with the garden, wildlife or house for once!

My brother's wife had their first child last Saturday, so my week off work has been filled with babies, well I've seen him three times since Sunday (born Sat night). I believe when he was born he weighed in at 7lbs6oz and has since lost a little bit of weight- as expected and is now around 7lbs2oz.

He's a long baby, so already out grown the newbown clothes as his legs are very long [: Well, with both mum and dad being 6 foot I can't say I'm surprised!

Every time I've been round he's been a little angel, and it would seem he dislikes night as he always starts up around 6pm and doesn't settle until around midnight! That'll be fun when my brother goes back to work...

Big yawn

And looking pleased with himself...

I've never been a broody person, but I am rather disturbed just how I'm reacting to the little fella, I guess that's the downside to having an older brother- you find yourself doing things much sooner than planned! It's all very well going round and cooing, giggling at the cute clothes and such but the reality is the part that scares me, so I think I'm safe for another few years at least!

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