Saturday, 10 May 2008

They keep on coming!

Yay, so very excited today.

This morning I was watching out of the window and along came a Goldfinch!

It didn't go to the feeder, but I assume was checking out the area? So later on we had a group of Greenfinches visit and along came the goldie and joined in!

3 Greens and one Gold [:

Naturally I had the camera at the ready, uploaded the images ready to sort them out and post... Only for some unknown reason they didn't all download and I deleted them off the camera!!!
So furious, I so hope they stick around so I can get more photos in the future.
The pair have been hanging around all day and I'm not sure if I've simply never noticed before because I assumed they were the resident sparrows flying around the rooftops or if they are indeed new, checking out the area or passing through.

Oh well, at least I have some photos of them on the rooftops, even if they are a mere speck on the photo :(

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