Monday, 26 May 2008

Bank Holiday

It sounds like it must just be us 'up north' that have the best weather for the bank holiday...

Blue skies, sunshine.. Shame about the high winds and occasional large grey cloud. No rain though luckily and even when it does get dull it's still warm outside.

So today we planted the rest of the Hawthorn as they're top heavy in their little pots, also planted the Jasmine and put up trelis for it. Oh and also planted a cordyline as it's pot bound and it constantly being blown over now in the wind.

Other general gardenish type jobs too.

Had a rather late night last night... When I went up I could see the sun beginning to rise - sky was getting light... So I sat and stared for a while as it gradually got lighter.

Along came Mr/s Foxy! Yay, finally seen it! :)

So this morning my neighbour was out in his garden, I asked to confirm that the large mound is infact a fox den. Apparently last year they had 2 cubs! No signs this year though sadly, other than the occasional egg shell left in the garden.

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