Saturday, 31 May 2008

Another new visitor

Finally I’ve seen a Great tit!

About time too me thinks. It wasn’t actually in our garden although it was going through the hedge/bushes in my neighbours so it’s not like it was a million miles away. I’m guessing it’s ignoring our feeders in favour of the live food to be had in the hedges, I’m hopeful that once the babies have fledged we’ll get the adults.

Is it just me or do Greenfinches leave their fledglings to fend for themselves? I’m yet to see an adult actually feeding the babies I have, instead they always sit on top of the station and then fly down onto the ground (not quite worked the whole feeder thing out) I see them regularly, perhaps more so than the parents!

Had some cutie little Sparrow fluffers this morning, got some feeding shots in my neighbours garden. As well as a cute juvenile that’s still got its gape but obviously doesn’t need feeding anymore as I often see it on the feeder. So nice to have a range of ages.

Also, the Goldfinch number has gone up again and we’re now at 4, all adults so I await plenty of babies J as well them probably being my most frequent visitors!

Still haven’t seen BB, Starling or Bluetit babies. However I think the Starlings have given up and I think the BB’s were attacked by a Magpie just earlier – I do hope it didn’t manage to get a youngster. Both adults still seemed to be accounted for. After the Sparrow wing I found last week, I’d rather not have a BB gone too.

Next pay day I hope to get a ground feeder to collect all the dropped sunflower hearts and another pole to hang a feeder on away from the main station.

Oh yes, and I’ve got two Guinea Pigs coming for a 2 week holiday… Could be interesting as one is ill and I may have to administer antibiotics for it. Well, if I can give it to a Gerbil/Jird I’m sure I can manage a Guinea Piggie…

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Pete said...

got loads and loads of Starling babies. but thats it