Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sunny(ish) Saturday

I had quite a nice crop of Peas recently… I had to put them in the fridge though as I couldn’t taste anything! So I think unfortunately they will have lost their lovely sweet freshness.

And just because they’ve been feeling left out over the past few posts… lol

Sorry, but I’m afraid you’ll be seeing far more of this Salvia over the coming weeks, I’m in love and cannot wait for ‘harlow carr’ to bloom and enjoy the contrast between the Saliva, Rose and Perennial Wallflower. Then in the coming months we’ll also have Verbena Bonariensis, Verbena Hastata and Tuberous Thistle also adding to the nice mix of purples and pinks.

‘Harlow Carr’ teases me by refusing to open her bloom!

I love the purple of this Veronica, sadly she doesn’t bloom for long.

It looks like my wild poppies have hybridised with the ‘dutch flag’ poppies… I’ll have to buy some more fresh seed… bah.

This one appears to be ‘normal’ and there’s a range by the looks of things; some have a small amount of black others are totally pure.

Campanula is stunning at the moment and seems to enjoy self-seeding around the garden. I’ve two plants in pots as well as this beastie that like to take over every year.

Clover is in full swing, and although we don’t have as much of it as last year, it is still covering a nice big area… The only downfall is that I cannot walk across the garden easily and have to avoid going to the left of the garden! The things you do for wildlife…

It also means I can’t mow, so the grass gets very long.

Sedum are preparing for their Autumnal show

One large poppy, this I think has sown itself… The others are still tiny and not at all looking very happy; I’m almost beginning to doubt they will even bloom.

I believe this is probably Geranium Rozanne, although I cannot be sure. It’s huge, easily to my waist and really needs a good chop back as it’s becoming quite straggly.

My little Acer might be suffering some wind burn?

A weedy, hawkweed type thing?

Shasta Daisy is looking very happy; for the past few years it’s been swamped by the Buddleja and as a result always ends up curling round. This year I finally moved it and it’s looking so much happier for it. I have another I need to move, but was too tardy.

Feverfew reminds me why I allow it to grow, even if it is in the way and I’m thoroughly tired of having to step over it – or rather around it now as it’s too large!

I’m sure this Astrantia is supposed to be white? It was last year!!! I’m sure. I’m confused.

Bramble is rambling through the back hedge, I will enjoy the fruits later in the year

The Elder continues to bloom too and brightens up the back

Today I stalked a few Butterflies – mainly a Small Tortoiseshell as it sunbathed and then a Skipper which sadly I didn’t manage to catch; hopefully another day! I also caught a Speckled wood feeding on the flowers of a Cotoneaster.
We’re still missing the Gatekeepers, all I can assume is that the hard winter killed them and any overwintering caterpillars. Usually they’re all along the Privet hedge but so far I haven’t seen any :( very disappointing.
Photos of the small tortoiseshell will be posted on Monday, so watch this space!

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easygardener said...

What a lovely selection of pictures. It's that time of year when there are too many flowers to choose from. I particularly liked the second picture for the horizontal view!

Su said...

I have a salvia that looks like yours and mine grows through the rose 'Heritage' - they look stunning together. I don't know the name of the salvia, I got it in the Chelsea sell off in 2007 and kept it in a pot until I moved house the next year.

Liz said...

Hi EG,

Glad you enjoyed the photos... I'm on a plant buying spree... Someone needs to stop me, seriously. Although I can justify it because I have loads of pots this year that have been very disappointing and need ripping up and planting again.

Liz said...

Hi Su,

I know the name of this Saliva... It's 'caradonna' and I'm hoping it survives this winter; I think I'll actually attempt to protect some plants this year as I'm fed up for them dying in the unusually hard winters of the past couple of years.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

Your garden is positively blooming.

I love salvia to, so I will not be bored with your lovely images.
They are beautiful, and I just wish the rabbits would leave them alone. If they did I would fill a border with them.

My poppies have cross pollinated this year and I have not got any blacks yet. Several are in bud so fingers crossed.

Clover is slowly starting to appear in the lawn....know what you mean about the grass getting long:) Still as long as the bees are happy.

Astrantia whatever the colour is lovely. Again another little treasure I have given up on. Damn rabbits.......

Are you feeling better. I do hope so.

Liz said...

Hi Cheryl,

It's a shame your Rabbits eat Salvia and Astrantia - perhaps try planting them with the red campion? (didn't that seem to put them off?) I imagine the combination of the two would look nice anyway.

I'm hoping this large poppy I have is one of the purples/blacks you sent me as I didn't let anything else go to seed... But one sneaky dutch flag might've got in there.
Next year I really need to thin out the new border, especially since the Asters have expanded so much that actually I'd describe them as invasive if they continue like this!

The cold has mostly gone now, thank you for asking. I'm still bunged up and it's just so frustrating being unable to breathe! But it does seem to be gradually getting better. I have to take things relatively slowly - went to Dobbies yesterday and picked up a couple of things.

Cheryl said...

Hi Liz,

I have one salvia left hiding in the red is ok, but does not look as good as it should.
Rabbits seem to have a real taste for them. I am actually taking plants from the oak barrels on the patio and replacing them with plants that rabbits like.
They seem to leave the plants on the patio alone....too close to Nella I think.

Glad you are feeling a little better.....

Anna said...

Oh Liz what a shame that you were not able to eat your peas immediately ~ maybe you have more to come. 'Harlow Carr' is obviously teasing you but can't hide away for much longer. Not sure whether your geranium is 'Rozanne'. Would have liked have seen a close up :)

Pam's English Garden said...

Dear Liz, Don't ever apologize for showing pictures of salvia -- lovely! I've been stalking butterflies, too, with no luck. Your garden is awesome. P. x